Manga Plus presents Scrap Circus, the One-Shot manga by Pablo Dias

Hallucinate with the story of Scrap Circus, the One-Shot manga by Pablo Dias, winner of the Bronze award at the Monthly Awards September 2022.

From time to time the platform Plus Sleeve offers us One-Shot manga from the best mangakas in the world, people who are starting out or winners of their contests. This is the case of this One-Shot called Scrap Circus drawn by Pablo Dias, which in September 2022 won the Bronze award in Manga Plus.

For those who do not know that it is a One-Shot, it is a publication with a closed story. Many great renowned manga have started with this type of publication, and thanks to Manga Plus we are meeting many authors who are starting out in the world of manga. Although sometimes even great mangakas make their own One-Shot. We have had the recent case of the Chainsaw Man mangaka who published a few months ago “Bye, Eri”. A story that takes a tremendous turn.

Pablo Dias’ Scrap Circus manga shows us a country with a strong dictatorship and repression that uses its citizens. At first we have a secret agent as the protagonist, but the story takes an unexpected turn. Above you have the link of this Scrap Circus manga. I personally found the story interesting. Let’s hope that Pablo Dias is lucky and can publish his complete works thanks to the popularity that this One-Shot can achieve.

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