Mangas simultrad: sites de simultrad mangas (One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, MHA)

Simultrad is the way to read the most popular manga translated into French as soon as they are released. For this, several sites are available to you, some of which only offer free scans before requesting payment. But reading manga simultaneously, it is however doable for free!

My Hero Academia, One Piece … How to read manga simultaneously?

Anime fans know the simulcast, which allows you to watch the latest episodes just a few hours after their release in Japan. What to discover before everyone else, and before the releases on Netflix, all the events of your favorite stories.

But manga readers have never been so lucky. Indeed, the paper editions of manga take many months to be published, a period during which it is possible to read simultrads.

These amateur scans are now obsolete:

  • On the site Manga More for example, several ultra-popular titles are available simultaneously.
  • One Piece, My Hero Academia et Jujutsu Kaisen are part of it, as well as Kaiju Where UndeadLuck.
  • From now on, the French translations are available just a few hours after the JAP release, on 8 manga. The rest is in English or Spanish.

And if One Piece is on the end, that does not deprive him of his last episodes which promise to be excellent and which will delight fans who will read them simultaneously!

Manga scans: sites to read manga as soon as they are released

Premium services by publishers are coming and promising to make access to manga and animes more complex. Soon gone are the days when everything is available on ADN ou Crunchyroll, since the studios behind the manga and anime are now launching their own services.

For example, the French publisher of One Piece launched its’Glénat Max‘, offering digital formats and simultrad du manga !

As for the biggest manga like Dragon Ball for example, the plurality of sources makes it easy to find good quality scans, but the most recent manga should suffer from this migration to services specific to each studio. No doubt thata Netflix manga would be all the rage… but from now until its creation, we can only recommend a site like Manga Plus to find simulcasts!