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Lots of characters with horse ears appear in “ONE PIECE”! Eiichiro Oda confessed that he was addicted to “Umamusume” (C) PIXTA

In the 47th issue of “Weekly Shonen Jump” on October 25, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of “ONE PIECE”, praised the anime “Umamusume Pretty Derby”. It seems that Oda, who was thought to be the type to go his own way when it comes to leisure, is exceptionally interested in trendy content.

It was in the comments at the end of the magazine that Oda mentioned Umamusume. I didn’t like the Umamusume anime. The respect for horses is amazing. Horse racing fans of the past will cry! Oda’s shares have skyrocketed, “” Oda praised other anime, or is it raining spears? “,” Odachi mentions Uma Musume in his comment at the end of the magazine “,” I’m so glad Oda likes Uma Musume “,” Oda is easily influenced, so I guess he will create a character with ears of horse “. I am so happy that Oda loves Uma Musume.

Oda has revealed his plans several times before, but he tends to highlight rather minor content. In 2019, for example, he announced in the comments to the end of Jump that he was addicted to the Isekai Ojisan manga. Back then, a lot of people were wondering, “What is this ‘Isekai Oji-san’ that Odachi got into?” But at the time, a lot of people were wondering, “What is this uncle from the otherworld that Odachi is engaged in?” It’s also the antithesis of popular “other worlds” stories, so it’s very much in Oda’s wheelhouse.

In fact, Oda’s hobby is quite a habit.

Also, in the “Jump” of “Jump My Best 3”. where he revealed the “Top 3 Things Oda-sensei Is Addicted To Right Now!” ”, He listed“ Hello 36km / h ”,“ BBQ videos (shimofuri tube) ”, and“ Listen to the M-1 qualifying videos ”. Other times, in the same project, he mentioned material from former comedian Shinpuru Naito, which is a pretty usual crossover.

On the other hand, when ‘Blade of the Demise’ was a big hit, he was hardly touched, and some netizens said he was “used to staying on the opposing side”. Oda’s praise for “Uma Musume,” one of the most popular anime series in the industry, probably surprised many fans, as he honestly fell in love with such a popular series.

However, while Oda has a strong image of only praising minor works, he also praised major titles as long as they struck a chord. For example, in a TV show called “Top-notch but Jealous Amazing People” (Fuji TV), he cited “April is Your Lie,” which was adapted into film and anime, as a manga he was jealous of. .

Oda is sort of an influential manga artist, so it seems his every move gets a lot of attention. It will be interesting to see what kind of work he gets into in the future.

Text by Kenichi Ohgami


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