Maria Fernanda makes a daring cosplay of Nami from One Piece

One of the most loved manga in the world is one piecebecause for some time now it has crossed international barriers, creating content for animemovies, merchandise and a whole long list of exciting collaborations on the horizon.

That is why it has become one of the best-known, beloved and long-lived animes, without neglecting the fact that it has a large number of tributes and cosplay versions of its characters with excellent results.

And it is that, whether it is about video games, anime, manga, comics, movies or more, this is the place where we will show you some of the most incredible and interesting versions of cosplay that we found on the networks, and of course, this occasion could not be an exception, because we bring you one of the most popular cosplayers around the world, recreating one of the most attractive girls in anime.

That’s right, we present you a new version of Namithe popular member of the Straw Hats clan, part of the characters with the most appearances within one piecethe cat thief will take over your screen.

She is Maria Fernanda, known by many as Fegalvao, a beautiful model and cosplayer of Brazilian origin, who over the years has positioned herself as one of the most popular girls on Instagram and several other social networks, she has a wide repertoire of great models cosplay, where he has introduced us to many characters, but today is when he has really stolen all eyes. You can find her on Instagram as @fegalvao_, where she already has more than 2.3 million followers, a figure that increases every day.

We hope this charming cosplay has been to your liking, if so, leave your comments on our social networks, tell us what you like the most, and please continue on eGames News.