Marvel and Netflix’s One Piece live-action run into the same problem, fans fear for Luffy

As has been the case with every live-action anime adaptation, series One Piece from Netflix is ​​causing concern among fans. Recently, it is the new names announced in the casting of the production that have created controversy on social networks. The series definitely does not seem to be at the end of its troubles. While the live-action should not take too long to give its news, a new problem seems to point the tip of its nose.

The worries of live-action

Many fans of One Piece fear that Luffy is losing his looks. Whether in terms of production or overall quality, animes transposed into live-action have rarely been very successful and regularly find themselves under fire from critics. Although the budget allocated to series One Piece by Netflix is staggering, it may well be that the production meets some inherent gender issues.

1647620191 756 Marvel and Netflixs One Piece live action run into the same

The latest trailer for the series Ms.Marvel raised new concerns around live-action. Since the announcement of the project, all the fans have asked themselves the question of knowing how Netflix was going to go about bringing the surreal settings and characters to life from the work of Eiichiro Oda. Among the main areas of concern for fans are: Monkey D. Luffy and his rubbery body which, thanks to the Fruit of Gum-Gum, can lengthen and swell at will.

Problematic powers

Except here, the power to stretch its limbs and live-action have rarely gone hand in hand on the small and big screen. Here is the proof, the latest trailer for this new Marvel series that will soon arrive. In this one, which is called Ms.Marvela heroine named Kamala Khan has the ability to stretch its limbs and change its size.

In the comics, this power is innate in the young heroine. And yet, Marvel chose to alter them anyway. In effect, the firm decided to base Kamala’s powers on energy, so as not to encounter difficulties during the action sequences. This decision then does not bode well for Netflix and its live-action. If an action movie behemoth like Marvel finally decided to pull off this kind of shake-up in one of its series, it’s a safe bet that the result was not up to par visually.

1647620191 707 Marvel and Netflixs One Piece live action run into the same

If Netflix were to fail with the animations of its hero, the series could well lose everything. For the moment, the adaptation does not benefit from a great capital sympathy with the fans. This new controversy could then bury the project in the bud, as soon as the first trailer is broadcast. While waiting to see more, discover the first official images of the boats in the series.