Mashle Anime Announces When It Premieres With New Trailer

Mashle” will debut its anime in just a few months, and it is expected to be an adaptation that will make a lot of noise considering the success that the manga had at the time. Also, when evaluating these things, it ended up being given a panel in JUMP Festa 2023 which, the truth, has taken advantage of a thousand wonders, surely in a better way than many other anime that are also about to debut in 2023. Why? Well, above all because there is already a very specific idea of ​​its premiere.

Mashle shows her anime in action with a new trailer

Before moving on to the details of when the “Mashle” anime premieres, I’ll leave you with the completely new trailer that they have shared in the event in question:

And now yes, I tell you the most important thing to keep in mind about the “Mashle” anime and its premiere (via ANN):

  • It’s official: Mashle anime premieres in April 2023. 😁
  • Is there an official date? Well, that’s something we still don’t have., and surely it will not materialize until the months of February-March. Secondly, They have not revealed the length of the anime either., although personally I would bet on a season debut with 11-12 episodes. 🤔
  • For those who don’t know, the anime will be carried out by A-1 Picturesa study that is going to put its boots on in 2023 between this, the anime of NieR: Automata and also Solo Leveling. Come on, it could be a very explosive 2023 for the studio if the play goes well. 🥰

On the other hand, I have to remember that, as for the manga, “Mashle” has already been around for a few months in which it is about its final stretch. It must be taken into account that on many occasions, most manga usually end between 1 or 2 years after an announcement of this type is produced (unless your name is “One Piece”), so it should still have months of work left. rope as to match the anime on air.