Mexican Luffy? One Piece was copied from this children’s tale

The cast of Netflix’s live-action One Piece was a huge surprise to its community. However, one of the most important was the announcement of Iñaki Godoy, the Mexican actor who will play Luffy, the next king of the pirates. Although, before him, there was already a Mexican Luffy, a rubber boy.

El Niño de Rubber is a story that first appeared in 1993 in elementary public education books in Mexico., several years before Eiichiro Oda published the first issue of One Piece

Iñaki Gody, Luffy de One Piece

This is the story of a boy calling Polo who can stretch his limbs as if they were elastic like Luffy himself. The full story is as follows:

Polo left school very early, as always. He was walking down the street when he saw that an old man had fallen into a puddle.

Polo ran to help him up and very carefully wiped the mud from his clothes. The old man, grateful, said to Polo:

-What a good boy you are! In return for your help I will grant you what you ask, I am a magician.

Polo thought a lot and finally said:

I wish I could stretch like I was rubber.

“It will,” replied the wizard.

One Piece Luffy mexicano The story of the rubber boy, the Mexican One Piece

Since that day, Polo stretched out on the patio and was thirsty, all he had to do was reach out his arm to get a glass of water from the kitchen. It didn’t matter if Polo was inside or outside the house, he could stretch out and reach for anything.

One day a cat was trapped between the branches of a tree and its owners were unable to help it down. They called out to Polo, he stretched out an arm and easily saved the cat.

Another day, chen Polo and his friends were out for a walk, they saw that on the other side of the ravine there was a cactus full of ripe tunas.

Everyone believed that it was impossible to reach them. But Polo stretched out a leg and then an arm until he reached them. Then he distributed them among his friends and everyone, very happy, ate ripe tunas.

But one day a disaster happened. A great storm fell. It rained a lot and the river grew so high that it broke the piers of the bridge.

one piece luffy mexican taleProtagonists of One Piece[/caption]

The town began to flood and there was nowhere to escape. Only if people crossed the river could they be saved. Polo saw the other shore and said:

I stretched out as much as I can and we’ll see if I can make it to the other side.

Everyone was waiting anxiously. Polo took a deep breath and began to lengthen. He stretched and stretched until he reached the other shore. Then it was turned into a great bridge. All the people were able to cross the river and reach the other side to save themselves.

Since that day there has been a bridge called El Niño de Hule… Of course people don’t know why.

Obviously, between the two stories there is a world of difference; their approaches are very different. Without leaving aside that it is very complicated and strange to imagine that an elementary school textbook arrived in Japan in the 90s, will there be a story like that from Dragon Ball Z?

The announcement of the live-action cast of Netflix’s One Piece has had some mixed reactions. Fortunately, there have been artists like the Latina Cecel who has celebrated the type of representation that Eiichiro Oda has personally chosen.

One Piece throughout more than a thousand episodes, its story of the young Monkey D. Luffy, heard the story of Gol D. Roger and aspires to become a pirate king. On the 9th of november, Netflix finally showed the advance of its live-action with everything and its cast, among which Iñaki Godoy Jauso stands out as Monkey D. Luffy and Jacob Gibson as Usopp..

Luffy will be Mexican in the live-action of One Piece

But, without a doubt, the great surprise of the cast of the live-action One Piece. This is a young actor known for his role in Who Killed Sara? of the year 2021. Iñaki Godoy has worked in the web-series like Por La Máscara, coming to work in Sin Miedo a la Verdad, a Televisa production.

One Piece live-action iñaki godoy

Through your account Instagram, The actor thanked the producer behind the live-action One Piece for his role and mentioned feeling excited and happy to become the next pirate king.

Although, the live-action of this series will be broadcast exclusively on Netflix. There is still no approximate release date, although it is possible that it will arrive between 2022 or 2023, given the pace of the company’s work. Will we ever see one like this from Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)?