More evidence: One Piece magazine confirms the relationship of the successful manga with Morella

We mentioned a few weeks ago that the Japanese Eiichirō Odacreator of one piece, He had been inspired by Morella to create a kingdom in his mega popular One Piece manga.

The reference was so unexpected and curious that it aroused the interest of many people, but some of the fans of the manganime It didn’t take long for them to doubt that a Castellón municipality was a source of inspiration for a legend like the cartoonist of luffy and company.

Well, the capital of Els Ports once again demonstrates that its charm knows no borders, and the proof of this has been rescued by the coordinator of the districts section, Miguel Agost, a pro Morellano who, with the intention of quelling doubts was able to obtain a copy of the One Piece magazine in which the references to the Castellón municipality are confirmed again.

The most successful manga in history

one piece is one of the franchises most successful manganime in historyalready has more than 1000 episodes and has millions of followers spread all over the world.

This concrete sleeve takes place in a fictional world similar to that of planet earthwith the main characteristic that the great part of the surface is covered by water. This is because the protagonists from the series they are piratesand they go in search of a treasure called One Piece, which will grant the title of King of the Pirates to whoever manages to get hold of it.

The main character of the series he is known as Luffy and it has a very peculiar special ability, it is its incredible flexibility.

You can discover his relationship with Morella by clicking on this link.