Naruto, One Piece and My Hero Academia arrive at Apex Legends

After the culmination of the Global Series Championship of apex legends from last weekend, EA has turned its attention back to the casual side of Apex Legends. The new event will include crossovers from fan-favorite anime.

EA and the developer Respawn Entertainment they just announced that the event The Gaiden is coming to Apex Legends on July 19. Just like the Awakening Collection Event, this event will have a ton of cosmetics available to players. players get all themed cosmetics.

In a post, EA has detailed what to expect from this event, as it will bring over 40 themed cosmetics. No trailer has been released yet, but in the post you can see a Monkey D. Luffy-themed Octane skin, a Jonin-inspired outfit for Wattson, and a Luffy-themed skin. My Hero Academia for Mirage.

Instead of a relic that can be obtained by completing the event, players will receive Bangalore’s “Apex Commander” prestige skin, similar to the Third Anniversary Collection event that introduced the Bloodhound skin.

There will also be two rotating reward tracks that can be completed through in-game challenges for the duration of the event. Both tracks will award players with stars to help complete the battle pass, a Fuse skin for Batman-themed Legend fans, and an event-themed bundle upon completion of the second week reward track.

The Gaiden timed event starts on July 19 and ends on August 2. For added relief, once the event is over, the cosmetics will be added to the standard Apex Pack set. They will also be available for crafting with crafting metals earned, and the price of the skins may change after two seasons, according to EA’s event post.