Nekonoi embodies Yamato with incredible One Piece cosplay

After the passage of the incredible arch of Wano, one piece He gave us the arrival of new characters, among whom great heroes and villains have stood out, so after the passing of this arc, we have noticed that there is a beloved character who will not be left behind, since he has marked the fandom, and they have adopted him .

This new and powerful character, not only has a great appearance, but also turned out to be one of the most notable at the end of the day, since he is a direct descendant of Kaido, that’s right, we talked about yamatowho for a long time took the name of Kozuki Odenand by going through a transformation and sharing adventures with the anime’s protagonists, he has become an honorable member of the Straw Hatsbecause even Luffy considers her part of his team.

That is why we have decided to dedicate a space to her in our cosplay section, since we found a version that will definitely be part of our favorite versions of the anime, it is a cosplayer who manages to get Yamato’s beauty and presence off the screen.

This popular series has left behind some of the most emblematic characters in the world of anime, that is why many costume artists share their best versions and brighten our day, because the impact that the epic Shonen series of Eiichiro Odahas left a firm and indelible mark among his followers, as Yamato is here to stay.

She is Nekonoi Katsua beautiful model and cosplayer from Indonesia, who has become very popular in her area, as she has made a series of amazing cosplay versions of great characters in anime and video games, and you can find her on her official Instagram as @nekonoikatsu, where she has with almost 77 thousand followers and a charming list of cosplay that could be to your liking.

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