Netflix: after One Piece, this cult manga will be adapted again in live action

netflix is unstoppable and announces to launch into a news adaptation of manga in live-action. When you know the liabilities of this kind of project, excitement and concern rub shoulders with this information.

Netflix tries its luck again with live action adaptations

Thanks to major works such as One Piece or Dragon Ball, to name a few, manga have become widely popular. To reach an even wider audience, many studios have therefore embarked on the production of anime, in films or series. But other adaptations also exist and are rarely unanimous: live action, that is to say those in real shots.

If there are some counter-examples, it must be admitted that live action adaptations are rarely successful, particularly from a critical point of view, as evidenced by the sadly famous Dragon Ball Evolutionor the Death Note Netflix version. Speaking of the streaming giant, it is embarking on a similar new project. This time he tackles CityHunterbetter known in the West as Nicky Larson !

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Nicky Larson back in live action

CityHunterbetter known as Nicky Larsonit’s a cult manga written and drawn by Tsukasa Hojo and published from the mid-1980s. Combining action, comedy and investigation, it has already been adapted for the screen many times. In France, we will remember from the film by Philippe Lacheau and his gang, Nicky Larson and Cupid’s Perfumereleased in 2018. This time, and it’s rare enough to highlight it, Netflix entrusts the adaptation to a 100% Japanese team: we find director Yuichi Sato, screenwriter Tatsuro Mishima and composer Yoshihide Otomo.

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Finally, the main role, that of Nicky Larson (Tyô Saeba, in the original version), will be played by actor Ryohei Suzuki, unknown in France. It is he who is at the center of the first visual (see above) revealed for the film, which should not see the light of day before 2024.