Netflix: Going Merry announces that One Piece tracks could arrive in June

As you may have heard before, Netflix is gearing up for a big season of content as the streaming service will be running a slew of its big projects for its fans for the month of June, and these reports are regularly revealed by Geek Weekone of the official networks that through Twitter, keep us informed about the interesting things that are coming for Netflix.

And just today, it has just shown a very interesting image, where among relevant data it shows some images and illustrations that give clues about what they are talking about, so it is likely that you already knew that from stranger things season 4, which will hit the platform at the end of next month, the witcher season 3which is rumored, could be released at the end of the year and The Umbrella Academywhich is scheduled for June, well, well, in the june month posterother images appear, and everything seems to indicate that one piecewill join in the fun.

You see, said advance published today, when Netflix confirmed that he would organize his Geek Week Annually held in early June of this year, this event promises to release sneak peeks and previews of all sorts of original projects, and unsurprisingly fans were forced to find out what those projects were, and it didn’t take long to find a nod from one pieceright on the ad poster.

this poster of Geek Weekwhich is packed with content, but shows a familiar face in the top right corner, where you can see a cute symbol next to the poster’s save date, and it just so happens to be the mascot of going merrythe ram’s head so hard to confuse, and fans are already freaking out over the reference.

And it is that, after all, the adaptation to Live-action of One Piecee, has kept many of its secrets since it was announced, although that has not prevented its fans from being informed of its main cast, despite not appearing on the set, however, the filming of one piecestarted last year and the stars of Netflix they have already posted occasional updates for fans.

one piece, the long-awaited series that we hope does not break our hearts like many other adaptations, we would love to have at least one poster soon that has all its stars dressed as characters, that would be epic; so if its creator Eiichiro Oda want to share a few words during the event, we would all be happy and grateful.