Netflix is ​​looking for a 17-year-old Brazilian to play Luffy in the live action of One Piece

The streaming platform par excellence, Netflix, is known around the world for its immeasurable catalog, which is constantly updated with new series and movies, and will soon join One Piece in live action format. However, the descriptions of the actors who are looking to play our leads may not meet the expectations of the fans, but why?

Netflix wants a young Brazilian to play Luffy from One Piece

The live action series of One Piece It is in charge of Becky Clements, Marty Adelstein, Matt Owens, Steven Maeda and the author of the work himself, Eiichiro Oda, and thanks to this last name, many fans supported the project from its announcement taking into account that the Room he would do anything to have his canon respected.

However, a rumor suggests that Netflix has already published the characteristics of the actors he is looking for to play the straw hat crew, one of the most striking being himself Luffy, who apparently, will be personified by a young Brazilian of 17 years. The description to play the role reads as follows:

A 17-year-old Brazilian. The main character has big dreams, a desire for adventure and a desire for all the treasures that he can get his hands on. Luffy is driven by his youthful enthusiasm and uninhibited optimism, combined with his sheer desire for success, Luffy is destined to be a leader despite being untested..

Description for the role of Luffy

Another of the descriptions that we have on hand is that of Roronoa Zoro, which is not so out of tune with its animated character:

An 18-year-old Asian. A talented fighter who wanders through life in need of encouragement and direction. Zoro spends his life doing whatever Passionless or questionable work that is available, no matter how disgusting, as long as it puts money in your pockets. His main interests are his guns and a strong drink with no interest in small talk. However, with his team behind him and trials ahead, Zoro will find the need to prove that he is the best of all.

Description for the role of Zoro

Regarding the role of Us, one of the most important of the crew, we have the following description:

19 year old girl open to any ethnic group. He’s a lone wolf who likes it that way. It moves faster on its own and never lets anyone get too close. Usually the smartest in the room. He does not take direction well and prefers to create his own path. Driven by her own desire for exploration, Nami will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. Nami is sarcastic and uses her tough exterior to hide the pain of her past. Nami keeps her cards close to her vest, but a revealed secret threatens to destroy everything she has worked for.

Description for the role of Nami

Finally, the famous Usopp, who could be played by a man with a dark complexion:

Like a 17-year-old black man. Usopp is an inventive storyteller and a hopeless romantic. Although his mouth tends to get him in trouble, his adventure stories hide his cowardice. Usopp is an innovative problem solver and has a technical mind that helps him escape from numerous difficult situations.

Description for the role of Usopp

At the moment, there are no more details about it and until this information is made official, we will have to take it lightly.


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