Netflix: One Piece, Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, la tendance des live action !

One Piece, Death Note, Cowboy Bebop … when Netflix is ​​interested in manga and makes it its new El Dorado! Back to this trend.

One Piece, Death Note, Cowboy Bebop… when Netflix sniffs the good deal, it gives rise to an avalanche of live action on our small screens! MCE TV looks back on this new trend which continues to gain momentum.

Why such popularity?

Before Netflix cares about it, you should know that the first manga appeared in the 13th century in Japan. At the time, they were called the Emakimonos. They were presented in the form of rolls of paper or silk on which were drawn illustrations and calligraphies that tell a story.

It is only after the Second World War that the art of manga will evolve and become popular. A strong American influence blows on post-war Japan, in particular with the importation of comics. What goes therefore revolutionize the genre.

Moreover, from 1947, Osamu Tezuka will modernize manga. The latter is even considered the God of manga! Indeed, it must be said that it is he who is at the origin of the techniques and codes that define manga. as we know them today.

Manga is very popular in Japan, it is even part of Japanese culture! But their popularity crosses borders. Indeed, today there are fans of manga all over the world.

Through the stories, the readers, who will become viewers later, find themselves in total immersion in a culture that they sometimes discover. As for the Japanese, this is their allows you to escape or identify yourself to certain characters.

In addition, manga does not make a distinction. Within the affected public, we find fans of all social classes. And even of all generations! Today, Netflix is ​​taking advantage of this popularity to offer new productions to its subscribers.

A real business in the world

Manga has also greatly contributed to the development of tourism in Japan. Indeed, many fans travel to the land of the rising sun to discover the Japanese culture that they sometimes discovered in their favorite manga. In Tokyo, for example, entire neighborhoods have been developed to pay tribute to this culture and the big names who have marked it!

Added to this is a whole business of derivatives which also seems to be very successful. The world of manga fascinates more and more fans. Apart from the work itself, anything that will be produced based on it will be successful! It is almost a guarantee.

Figurines, posters, key chains, soft toys, costumes and other accessories of all kinds, everything is good for a manga fan! Moreover, in Japan, stores are full of shelves dedicated to geek and manga culture.

One more reason for Netflix to look into this market which enjoys a timeless popularity. Moreover, productions on the streaming platform are multiplying. For the greatest happiness site subscribers and manga fans!

The streaming giant has indeed understood all the craze around manga. Netflix then decides to launch into the production of the greatest classics! A bet that seems to be paying off.

Netflix se lance

In the face of timeless popularity manga, Netflix was not stand idly by! The streaming giant is scenting a good deal and decides to ride the wave of this success.

After comics, manga therefore seems to be the Netflix’s new El Dorado, but also from Hollywood. After exhausting the stock of heroes from the Marvel and DC Universe, it therefore seems that the comics and manga be the new card to play.

Adaptation projects of great famous works of this genre are multiplying. You should know that this is not the first time that famous manga end up on the big or small screen. We remember, for example, Dragonball Evolution published in 2009. But also its mediocrity. Let it be said, very little effort and mostly budget was put into this project.

Today, things have changed ! Indeed, manga adaptations are now entitled to budgets worthy of blockbusters! We therefore find productions and more elaborate and neat achievements. Even if for Detective Pikachu, success was not there.

Netflix also funded the movie Death Note. And the American giant does not stop there. Two live action adaptations of Cowboy Bebop and One Piece are in progress!

Even if you are not a big fan of the genre, you have to admit that these two manga are ultra-popular! Soon, we will discover their version in flesh and blood, thanks to Netflix.

Netflix One Piece, Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, la tendance des live action !

One piece sur Netflix

One Piece is one of the most famous works of the genre. Born in the imagination of Eiichiro Oda, the manga will be entitled to its adaptation in the flesh on Netflix.

While some skeptics still seem to have trouble imagining the famous manga in live action, this is not the case for the American giant. And for those who think that he will not respect the originality of this unique and eccentric work, do not worry, Eiichiro Oda is participating in the development of this remake as executive producer!

Moreover, we now know who are the actors who joined the team to play our favorite pirates. Captain Monkey D. Luffy will therefore be played by the young Mexican actor Inaki Godooy! The latter played in the famous series Who killed Sara? His boundless energy should stick to that of the character.

Mackenyu plays the role of Ronronna Zoro. The actor of Japanese origin will therefore have for mission to know how to handle his saber. Emily Rudd lends her features to the character of Nami. We could also discover it in Fear Street, available on Netflix too.

Taz Skylar will play the role of Sanji, our seductive cordon bleu. Finally, Jacob Gibson will play the role of Usopp. As expected, the Netflix series should mostly focus on the first plots of the manga.

On the promo photo of the cast of One Piece, we notice the mention “season 1” on the t-shirts worn by the team. Which therefore leads us to think that Netflix has already planned more than one season!

Death Note, soon a sequel?

In 2017, the streaming giant decided to adapt the famous manga into a live action film. Fans of the original work seemed surprised, but made no secret their disenchantment with this adaptation.

The idea of ​​making a film inspired by the story de Death Note créée par Tsugumi Ōba et Takeshi Obata was a good idea initially. Indeed, it must be said that their work is quite intense. So there is a lot of material to make a good film!

Only here, the production of Adam Wingard was not to the taste of the fans. Indeed, the critics are even murderous! And for good reason: the essence of the manga has been lost in this adaptation on the big screen.

The duel between Light Yagami and L, which is at the heart of the manga, has been relegated to the background. In short, the live action version of Death Note was not a great success. Despite this, a sequel is coming soon!

Eh yes. Although it received a lot of negative feedback, Netflix decided to continue the adventure. The sequel to Death Note is therefore still relevant today.

Besides, the film is still in development. But this time around, the streaming giant promised it would learn from its mistakes. Thus, the sequel to Death Note should stick to the manga more!

For now, the sequel to Death Note has no release date yet. We can still expect to discover this long-awaited sequel in 2022.

Cowboy Bebop, the offbeat series

On November 19, the Cowboy Bebop series landed on the streaming platform. You should know that this live action series is an adaptation from the animated series of the same name.

Moreover, this new production was eagerly awaited by fans. You should know that the original work of Shin’ichiro Watanabe dates from the end of the 90s. The animated series is quickly become a benchmark in the genre.

With such success, its adaptation in live action was therefore as expected as feared by fans of Cowboy Bebop. But here, too, the fans seem quite disappointed. Indeed, for some, the production has taken too much freedom with this adaptation. She is not therefore not really like the original work.

Yet, many efforts have been made to ensure that fans rediscover the world of Cowboy Bebop that they love so much. Like the detailed reconstruction near the decor of the main ship, for example.

But the fans did not really appreciate that the order of the plots was not respected. Also some characters took up more or less space or, he did not have the same look. So many things that they did not miss!

The big fans were therefore not spoiled. However, the fact remains that Cowboy Bebop on Netflix is great entertainment for non-connoisseurs. You will still have a lot of fun discovering its 10 episodes on your small screens! It’s your turn.