Netflix postpones premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal and new episodes of One Piece – Senpai

Netflix was preparing an excellent start to the month for its anime fanatic users with the arrival of new episodes of one piece and the premiere Sailor Moon Crystal, both series with their respective dubbing into Latin Spanish, although now it seems that we will have to wait since it is reported that its premiere has been postponed through the platform.

It was expected that as of today, March 1, the series of one piece which currently has 130 episodes with dubbing, received nine more story arcs, from Skype until Water 7which translates into a total of 194 episodes with dubbing.

In addition, was scheduled for today the premiere with Latin dubbing of Sailor Moon Crystalthe 2014 anime that was adapted to celebrate twenty years of the series created by Naoko Takeuchi, which was produced by Toei Animation under the direction of Munehisa Sakai, becoming the most faithful version of Takeuchi’s manga, both in style of the art as in the original story.

The information comes from the Twitter of World Dubbing News in Spanish, who are usually very aware of everything that happens in the world of dubbing, especially anime dubbing. And in fact if you access your Netflix account, you will realize that they are right.

The reason for this indefinite delay is unknown at this time.but there are many factors that could have caused this event, such as the fact that the dubbing was not ready for all the episodes of both series, or something similar.

In any case, there is no losing hope that both the new episodes of one pieceWhat sailormooncrystal, arrive throughout this month to the famous streaming platform.

Are you sad about the postponement of Sailor Moon Crystal and one piece on Netflix?


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