NETFLIX UPDATE: One Piece, the cast of several secondary characters to be revealed

License One Piece is more popular than ever and will continue to expand beyond manga and its anime again this year with the feature film One Piece Film RED related to Shanks. The other production for the screens, which can leave you much more skeptical as long as we haven’t seen anything concrete about it, is adaptation live action on the side of netflix. Last November, we thus discovered the first 5 crew members of the Straw hatto know Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Sanji. Well, the announcements surrounding the casting continued that night with several supporting characters, including some antagonists.

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Well, fortunately the names are indicated, because the connection is not necessarily obvious. Thereby, Koby will be played by Morgan Davies, Ilia Isorelýs Paulino will lend her features to the tyrannical Alvida with a club (even once the Sube Sube no Mi got?), Aidan Scott will play helmeppo (Hermep by us), Jeff Ward (Marvel: Agents of SHIELD) will make this dear live buggy the clown (baggy), I’Arlong Fishman will have the appearance of McKinley Belcher III (ozark) and Vincent Regan (300, Clash of the Titans) will give life to this good old garp.

Updated 03/28/22 : a live revealed the identity of the actor who will play Shanks the redheadPeter Gadiot.

Not sure that dropping names in this way is the right method to reassure fans, because some characters will require a lot of makeup and accessories to appear credible, except that no visual of the project has yet been released.

If you are interested in One Piecehis 100 volumes already published are on sale at the Fnac.

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