Netflix: while waiting for the adaptation of One Piece, this other cult manga will be adapted in live action

Good news for all fans of manga and D’animesincea new project ofadaptation is under construction at netflix ! Finally, can we really speak of “good” news, when we know the past of the streaming with the live action ?

Live action manga adaptations, a delicate exercise

The history of manga with the small and the big screen is not a long calm river. While some adaptations have enjoyed near-unanimous success, especially when it comes to anime in the form of series, the result is not always there. This is particularly the case when we talk about adaptation in “live-action”, or in real shots: everyone knows the sad cases of DragonBall Evolution (2009) and Death Note (2017).

The latter, available on Netflix and booed by fans, obviously did not serve as a lesson to the SVOD giant. Netflix continues to try this perilous exercise, evidenced by the highly anticipated – and dreaded – live-action adaptation of One Piece serial. But today we learn thatanother project of this kind is in the works and concerns My Hero Academia !

Netflix while waiting for the adaptation of One Piece this

First information revealed

The information comes to us from HollywoodReporter : according to the media across the Atlantic, Netflix is ​​reportedly partnering with production company Legendary Entertainment on a movie My Hero Academia shot in live action. At the controls, we would find director Shinsuke Sato. At 52, the Japanese has experience in the field since we owe him the series Alice in Borderland (2020), but also the live action adaptations of I Am a Hero (2015) and Inuyashiki (2018): the last two were not very successful commercially, but were generally very well received by critics.

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What give hope for a quality adaptation for My Hero Academia who, let’s remember, will come into possession of an “Alter”, a superpower that allows him to join the 80% of the world’s population who already have one. He will then have to fight against an evil organization. If we know very little about the live action version that awaits us, we know that it was Joby Harold, who notably worked on the series Obi-Wan Kenobi, who is responsible for writing the screenplay. We now expect to learn more in the coming months.