Netflix will respect the One Piece characters in its live action series

One Piece will have its own live action series on Netflix.

the streaming platform Netflix It is probably becoming the one that is creating the most adaptations as a result of video games, manga or productions from the past. Without going any further, these days, Wednesday, the Tim Burton series starring the daughter of the Addams family, has been released. However, there is always the fear that the giant will change the way of being of some character or fundamental component of the saga that he adapts. In the case of One Piece, a respect for the characters has been promised.

The filming of the One Piece live-action series ended a few months ago and, promising to adapt the original story that you all know, the showrunner of this project, Matt Owens, has advanced in a interview that the characters have been faithfully adapted. “The Straw Hats, if you want to qualify their relationships in any way, are all brothers. It is a family. There is no romance between the Straw Hats“, explained for example.

Owens has thus wanted to anticipate that the live action series of One Piece will not lead its characters to have typical behaviors of adolescent series, being able to expect what the followers want: a faithful adaptation of the anime, although the actors and plots differ from the original story through the episodes.

What do we know about live-action?

The characters that will come to life in One Piece Live Action

The characters that will come to life in One Piece Live Action

if we already know the involvement that the creator of One Piece will have in the Netflix series, we are still waiting for a confirmation on whether the first season will have 10 episodes of 50 minutes each. The production of the series comes from the hand of the company Tomorrow Studios, while Marc Jobts was in charge of directing at least the first chapter. Between the actors of the series they find each other:

  • Luffy: Inaki Godoy.
  • Zoro: Arata Mackenyu.
  • Nami: Emily Rudd.
  • Usopp: Jacob Romero Gibson.
  • Sanji: Taz Skylar.

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