Netflix’s One Piece may have found its sweet spot


One of the best-known animals that appeared early in the history of A play was Chouchou, the lovable but stern-faced dog who hailed from Orange Town and met Luffy, Nami, and Zoro during some of their early adventures. With the upcoming live-action adaptation of One Piece set to adapt some of the early Straw Hat Pirates stories, fans think they’ve spotted what could be the actual dog that will bring Chouchou to life, with the dog keeping an eye out. attentive to the pet shop of its deceased owner.

Chuchou may be small but the dog definitely has a bite to match his bark, as he will do anything to protect his deceased master’s store. After Luffy and his Straw Hats’ battle against the Buggy Pirates, they encounter this angry dog, causing them some trouble at first, but eventually becoming a dear friend, ally to Luffy and his companions. With Netflix stating that it is adapting the early arcs of One Piece anime and manga, it’s clear that with this animal from Grand Line, the series could stick to the letter when it comes to live-action adaptation, especially with creator Eiichiro Oda acting as the producer of the series.

Twitter user Dogy_Logy was able to capture a recent Instagram story from Jason Cho, an assistant to the series’ showrunner, who states that a “new employee” was caught sleeping at work, which sounds suspiciously similar to the famous dog from the One Piece series which appeared extremely early in the series:

Although the live-action anime adaptation has apparently begun production, many details have yet to be revealed, including the casting of several characters outside of the main Straw Hat Pirates. As photos begin to leak of ships set to be used in the One Piece live-action series, we imagine more tidbits will begin to flood the internet regarding the other heroes and villains that will make up the first ten episodes of this new world view of the Grand Line.

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