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There are many difficulties when adapting a live-action anime; however, Netflix A piece the series must fix the anime’s pacing issue or risk early cancellation. A piece is a long-running anime based on the manga by Eiichiro Oda. It follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his misfit pirate crew as he tries to find the mysterious One Piece and become the Pirate King. As with any anime adaptation, the fantasy world of A piece will be difficult to capture in live-action, but its biggest problem really is the pacing of the story.

the A piece the anime currently has over 1,000 episodes and the manga has over 100 volumes. Despite the anime and manga beginning in 1999 and 1997 respectively, they both remain unfinished over 20 years later. Oda, the manga’s author, predicts that the story will be complete in three or four years, although that is subject to change. A piece isn’t the first anime to be brought to life by Netflix, which has previous experience with cowboy bebop and Death threat – but both had their fair share of problems, and cowboy bebop was unceremoniously canceled just weeks after its release. Anticipation is high for Netflix A piecewhich has already cast most of its main characters and started production on Season 1, but suspicion is also high.

The biggest criticism of A piece anime is that the pacing of the series is too slow and Netflix will have to respond to this criticism for the series to succeed. This review is particularly aimed at the early acts of the anime and is one of the main reasons why some viewers don’t continue watching the show. For A piece to attract new viewers, Luffy must assemble the core group of Straw Hat Pirates faster than he does in the anime. The first season is also expected to cover the arc of Arlong Park, which is widely considered to be the first part of the series which represents A piecebest qualities. This may be difficult since Netflix has confirmed that A pieceThe first season of will only consist of 10 episodes; however, this can be overcome if the episodes have an extended runtime compared to the anime.

A piece was criticized for the time it takes until Usopp and Sanji join the crew. Sanji, the last of the Original Five Straw Hats, joins episode 30 of the anime during the Baratie arc. Additionally, the Syrup Village arc in which Usopp joins the crew is one of the worst in the series. Both arcs are essential to understanding the stories and personalities of Usopp and Sanji, and therefore cannot be ignored. A more practical approach to solving the pacing of these storylines is to condense each into a single episode. The importance of accelerating the early parts of the story is exacerbated by the need to cover the arc of Arlong Park, which serves as the backstory for Nami, another of the five original members, and is the first opportunity in the anime where Luffy’s crew is really tested. Due to the intense fight scenes with Arlong’s fish-men and the high emotional stakes they fight for, Arlong Park is where A piece unleashes its potential. A pieceNetflix’s potential must be shown in the first season of Netflix’s series or it won’t gain a new audience as passionate as the anime’s fans.

The difficulty in adapting all of Arlong Park is that it lasts until episode 44 of the anime, while Netflix A piece will only contain 10 episodes in the first season. The solution is to make episodes last 60 minutes, rather than the anime’s 24-minute average. Netflix previously announced that their Avatar: The Last Airbender the remake will consist of 60-minute episodes, so that’s a viable possibility. The longer episode length would allow arcs to be contained within a single episode and allow A piecethe first season to cover more of the manga. This would improve the pacing and adapt more exciting parts of the manga that might appeal to old and new fans alike, and avoid early cancellation — a fate many Netflix shows have suffered in the past.

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