New episodes of ‘One Piece’ and other anime delayed due to hacker attack

Toei Animation has been the subject of a hack by a person who tried to access the company’s network.

Toei Animation has had to delay several of its anime due to a hacker attack by a person who tried to access the company’s network on March 6. As a result of this attack, the company is shutting down parts of its internal systems, which has caused the release of new episodes of several anime to be delayed.

One Piece, Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai, Digimon Ghost Game and Delicious Party: Pretty Cure are the series that have been affected by this attack. Toei Animation has stated that it is actively working with a security company to investigate whether the hack has affected user and customer data.

The official page of One Piece wanted to publish this fact and its next episodes:

As announced by Toei Animation Co., Ltd at 11:00 on March 11, the company’s internal network received unauthorized access from a third party on March 6, and the system’s internal network has stopped. We would like to inform you that the impact of this fact has hindered the progress of anime production and will affect their broadcast schedules in the future.

After March 20, One Piece’s official website will report on the new anime schedule, but not before apologizing to all anime fans who are looking forward to the weekly broadcast: “We will do our best to restore Luffy’s adventures as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding”.

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The official anime account Digimon Ghost Game He also wanted to release a statement to all his fans:

Thanks for always watching Digimon Ghost Game. We would like to inform you that there may be some changes in the future broadcast schedule. We deeply apologize to all the viewers who are looking forward to the weekly broadcast.