New images of Miss Love duck in the live action of One Piece

At the beginning of 2020 the project of Netflix to adapt the story of Monkey D. Luffy (because as Disney is trending, now everyone is going to get remakes in real action), and little by little details are revealed. However, the current information, without even a confirmed release date, is not enough for the most fans. But calm down, impatient friends, today we are going to give you a joy; take a look at these new images of live action from One piece.

Yesterday, several were published through a Twitter account. photographs of the recording set. They were taken by an anime fan as he passed the Cape Town studios. In them you can clearly see part of the atrezo they are preparing for the series. The truth is that it is not surprising that he stopped to immortalize it because … it is difficult to ignore a pirate ship in the middle of nowhere

Does it sound like something to you? Indeed! As the thread says, that swan head seems to give away the owner of the impressive ship: Alvida. A pity that, although we already know part of the casting, we still do not know which actress will lead it in this new version. El Miss Love Duck It is the first pirate ship that is presented to us in the anime, so it seems logical that it is also the first that we have news of.

The cheesiest ship you’ll ever see

The post continues to show images of another ship still under construction. Those more observers deduce from the shape of the structure that it could be the ship of the Marine. It is very likely that they are correct, since as in the previous case, in the original series of One Piece we get to know this group very soon; specifically in the second episode.

One piece live action new images
Here we have a look more military

In addition, there is another thing that these photographs make very clear, and that is the effort that is being put into in the production of live action. They could have limited themselves to the chroma, but instead they have chosen to build such hulks for the setting. Perhaps with this adaptation we will have more luck than with that of Cowboy Bebop.