New One Piece Odyssey gameplay set in Water 7 and with numerous playable details

Anime lovers have reason to smile ahead of 2023. One Piece Odysseythe new game based on the work of Eiichiro Odais just around the corner… and it promises to be one of the great adventures of Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Chopper and company.

There are few locations as special as Memory, the world of memories of the Straw Hat crew. Our heroes will enter this scenario full of nods to manga and anime in its entirety.

The best asset of One Piece Odyssey is the great freedom of action that it gives the player. This is a turn-based RPG, but it will also have its doses of exploration and even platform moments.


One Piece Odyssey – Gameplay Water 7

will be the January 13, 2023 when the Bandai Namco title hits storesand it is the perfect occasion to learn new details about One Piece Odyssey.

How is this dream world full of memories? We found out in the new game trailer, focused on one of these scenarios (Water Seven).

Exploring Water 7 with Luffy and company

The new gameplay trailer One Piece Odyssey is set in Water 7, a place with crystalline waters that is part of the memories of Memoria. Our heroes will have to explore this place at a specific moment in the main plot.

And it is that some crucial memories take place in Water Seven. Of course players will run into Lucci and Kaku, but also core story missions.

A fundamental aspect of One Piece Odyssey It is the bond between the characters. Not only at the plot level, but also in the development of the fighting.

we discovered the linked artswhich are essentially special attacks unleashed by three characters of the crew. Of course, to unlock them you will have to unravel the link between each of them.

In Memory there is a vital mission: unite the frayed links of each characterso that we are building the past, present and future of each One Piece character.

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In addition, we can improve the abilities of each character with the cubes. These items allow you to apply training points in different facets, as well as learning new combos and attacks.

All this and much more awaits us in One Piece Odyssey, the RPG that every fan of Eiichiro Oda’s work will want to enjoy. It will be available in stores from January 13, 2023, at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC.