New One Piece Odyssey gameplay trailer shows Water 7

One Piece Odyssey delves into its gameplay through its latest trailer.

Bandai Namco continues to show off new content One Piece Odyssey before its release next January 13, 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. In this way, if on occasions we have been able to see what Alabasta Kingdom will look like in the gamethe new trailer with gameplay material has shown the city of water 7.

Thanks to the new trailer for One Piece Odyssey, players have been able to see how the sprawling Water Capital has been recreated in the game in all its splendor, maintaining its magnificent architecture, replete with sparkling canals and luminous streets and more. Among the places that can be visited stands out the city shipyard and Ohatsu coffee shopboth throughout the main story and through many side quests.

Likewise, the video shows the special abilities that the characters will have when exploring the game’s settings. On the other hand, it shows related arts, the special attacks performed by three characters at once when they unlock said ability by clearing the corresponding Memory Link quest. Finally it shows the training systemin which players collect cubes hidden in various locations to improve their combat skills.

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One Piece Odyssey will be released in January 2023

One Piece Odyssey will present an original story that takes place after two years of adventures. When the Straw Hat Pirates are stranded on the mysterious island of Waford, a strange mystery will lead them to go through your own memories to regain his abilities with the help of Lim’s strange powers. In this way, through past experiences in the kingdom of alabastathe dangers that lurk in the sandy dunes of the desert will lead them to remember their exploits in the Going Merryhis first ship.

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