New trailer for ‘One Piece Film RED’: the next film in the franchise promises surprises about Shanks

This week the broadcast of the anime of ‘One Piece’ is resumed, but fans of Eiichiro Oda They have even more things to celebrate. The next August 6 arrives in Japanese cinemas ‘One Piece Film RED’a new film in the franchise in which Shanks “the Redhead” looks like it will be quite important.

Place within the canon?

Some of Oda’s own designs for the film had already been seen, with the Straw Hat pirates sporting new looks and the introduction of several new characters. This new trailer actually makes a big deal out of utawho appears to be Shanks’ daughter and is going to cause quite a stir within the movie.

From the trailer, Uta looks like she’ll be the main antagonist of the movie and she’s going to cause quite a bit of trouble for luffy and companyalthough the plot of ‘One Piece Film RED’ can still hit us with some surprises.

With this surprise about the Shanks story, it is still not very clear if the movie is going to be canon or not (especially considering that Oda has been heavily involved in production), and where in continuity we might place her.

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Leading ‘One Piece Film RED’ is goro taniguchi (Code Geass), an old acquaintance of the franchise who has already directed ‘One Piece: Taose! Kaizoku Ganzack’, while Tsutumu Kuroiwa (‘One Piece Film. Gold’) has been in charge of the script. Like the rest of the anime, the production and animation of the film is carried out by Toei Animation.

The last film in the franchise was ‘One Piece: Stampede’, which was released in Spain just a few months after it was released in Japan. Now it’s time to see ifOne Piece Film RED‘ It doesn’t take too long to be licensed internationally, although in the meantime the anime series will resume its broadcast this April 17 with new chapters.