News Planet Cómic January 2023 – The things that make us happy

Welcome to The things that make us happy. 2022 is ending and today we present you the news of comic planetfor the month of January 2023. And the catalog is very, very strong.

News Planet Cómic of January 2023.

This January 2023, comic planet the year begins, thanks to a powerful range of news from Comic USA, Star Wars Y sleeve.

From the United States, a lot of proposals of various themes will land for the enjoyment of lovers of independent works with first-rate authorship.

from the haunting the sea of ​​sorrowsgoing through the aftershockian Bunny Maskthe brutal BRZRKR (Keanu Reeves)the apocalyptic Geiger (Geoff Johns)the fantastic Susan’s Problem (Neil Gaiman) until you get to the classic Mage (Matt Wagner).

From the most distant galaxies, the releases related to the most famous space opera of all time will arrive. Titles of the likes of Attack of the clonesofficial adaptation to the comic of the film episode or Star Wars. queen’s shadowthe first part of the trilogy of novels starring the mother of Luke Y Leia.

The number 16 of the magazine manga planet and the second chapter of the magical series while yubooh sleeps from paulina palacios they will represent the emerging and increasingly established oriental-type comic that is made outside of Japan.

On the following pages of this Forumwe will be able to learn a little more about the creative process of Palacios’ work, thanks to the interview with the Chilean-born illustrator.


Created in Japan, the list of shonen that will travel to bookstores will leave us speechless: Kaiju8, Blue Lock, Haikyu, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Boruto

Undoubtedly, the most successful series in the world reside in our editorial.

For a more adult audience, the great Tezuka will surprise us with Don Draculaa crazy version of the universal myth.

Finally, romance will embrace us through the pages of Tokyo Girls, Coming to you, Random Walk either Bloom into you.

However, below I leave the pdf complete with all the news comic planet, for this month of January. I hope you can select well.

Be happy!