Nicaraguan model surprises fans with her Makima cosplay

the anime of Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular today, that is because the characters are considered highly endearing, either because of their background in the story or just because of their funny nature. For that reason, the cosplay couldn’t be kept waiting, and the model @sailorscholar He knows very well who is the most beloved character.

The model from Nicaraguahas shared some photographs on his social networks, the same ones in which he is embodying Makima, this with a somewhat different outfit from his conventional uniform. And it is that she has decided to take an interesting turn, which includes putting the red-haired girl in a bunny outfit, something that is widely used in cosplays.

Here some photos:

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It is worth mentioning that @sailorscholar is dedicated to the world of costumes, which is why he has also incarnated more personalities from anime and video games, including 2B from Nier: Automata, Nami from One Piece, Yor from Spy X Family, among other famous characters. In order for users to see the entire sets they must be affiliated with your page. Patreon.

This is the synopsis of the series:

When his father died, Denji was forced to pay off a huge debt and there was no way to pay it off. But thanks to the help of a Dog Demon he saved named Pochita, Denji is able to survive by becoming a Demon Hunter for hire doing jobs for the Yakuza. Pochita’s chainsaw powers are useful against these powerful demons. And when Denji ends up being killed by a demon, Pochita sacrifices herself to save his life and revive him. But now Denji has been reborn as some kind of weird Demon-Human hybrid. He Now he is Chainsaw Man! After his transformation, he is quickly recruited by Makima and forced to join the Public Security Demon Slayers under threat of extermination now that he is technically a demon. Now that he’s living comfortably for the first time in his life, Denji struggles to determine his dreams and establish meaningful relationships as he slays demons and works alongside other eccentric hunters.

Remember that this anime is broadcast in crunchyroll.

Via: instagram


Editor’s note: With the passage of time, the world of cosplay does not stop, and as more popular series emerge, it is logical that the business of costumes and photographs will not stop. It goes without saying that Chainsaw Man is well worth it.