Nope, One Piece… the new cinema releases of August 10

Boop, One Piece Movie – Red… what are the cinema releases and releases for the week of August 10, 2022?

Every week, Ecran Large makes its market in cinemas, and selects a few must-see releases and films (for good or bad reasons). With the return of Jordan Peelethe story of two Syrian brothers, GOMU GOMU NOOOO, Bill Murray without hunger, a car without comprehensive insurance and the emergence of a legendary Kurosawa.



Duration: 2h10

The spectators in front of the film

What is it about : Two brothers and sisters witness strange phenomena around their ranch and will try to understand what is happening.

Why you have to see it : Are you a science fiction fan? Do you love horror? Want a simple popcorn entertainment movie? Or do you prefer a film with a real point about America? It doesn’t really matter, Boop has the capacity to satisfy almost all audiences, informed or not, demanding or less, so much Jordan Peele manages to mix atmospheres, emotions and reading levels. At once SF thriller, social satire, neo-western, horrific trip or huge spectacular blockbuster, Boop makes fun of genres to better confront his audience with his own addictions.

Thanks to an absolutely crazy staging, the feature film is sprinkled with unique visual ideas, and above all with real moments of terror. And even more, Jordan Peele above all delivers a great cinematic film about cinema. A love letter to small craftsmen, an ode to ingenious resourcefulness, a fascinating look at the art of filmmaking. Unmissable of the year, and perhaps Jordan Peele’s best film. In any case, its more ambitious and generous.

The Widescreen Note : 4/5

Our review of Boop

far from home

Duration: 1h22

What is it about : Two young Syrian brothers steeped in hope decide to leave to rebuild their lives in foreign cities. They will leave everything behind except their endless thirst for life, their determination, their humor and their desire for a better future.

Why you have to see it : far from home is the kind of film that will create apprehensions through its subject and its form, while on the contrary it is absolutely universal and very accessible. This documentary by Wissam Tanios is never intended to pity or create artificial tragedy, to move or raise awareness. It is a real account of exile, authentic and profound.

By being both a film about the family, about the desire to forget and the importance of remembering, far from home touches grace many times. Two brothers take separate paths and find a better, but lonely life – they are irretrievably linked and share the same melancholy, without being able to help each other. Rarely have we seen something more human this year, simpler and prettier. far from home, it’s brief, meaningful and it feels like a piece of trumpet at dusklike listening to the blues and crying.

The Widescreen Note : 4/5


One Piece Movie – Red

Duration: 1h55

What is it about : Luffy and his crew are about to attend an eagerly awaited music festival. The most popular singer in the world, Uta, will take the stage for the first time. The one who is none other than the daughter of the legendary pirate Shanks Le Roux will reveal the exceptional power of her voice which could well change the world.

Why you have to see it : Like all movies from cult anime, One Piece movie – Red will be no exception and will be aimed exclusively at fans of the work. If it promises to inflate the mythology by introducing a new character and bringing back one of the icons of the series for the confrontation between the Yonko and Luffy, the film should also and above all offer its audience a generous dose of fan service (new outfits and cameos, mainly). But maybe we can expect more.

With its musical sequences, the film seems to want to offer something new with an atmosphere that is more pop than epic. Uta has everything of a Japanese idol and this quasi-anachronism (if we can really speak of anachronism in the universe of Eiichiro Oda) has something to make curious. Especially since the music and other songs are not new in the license either, particularly in the adaptation.



Original release: July 18, 1993 – Duration: 1h44

Endless day: photoCheer up campers. It’s Groundhog Day.

What is it about : Phil Connors, television journalist and weatherman, leaves to do his annual report in the town of Punxsutawney where we celebrate “Groundhog Day.” Waking up very early the next day, he finds that everything is happening exactly as the day before and realizes that he is condemned to relive the same day indefinitely…

Why you have to see it : Because an endless day is one of the most cult comedies of the 90s. Starting from a simple, but devilishly effective concept and a brilliant protagonistwhich could not be embodied so brilliantly as by Bill Murray, an endless day is a timeless movie that still works great after all these years.

A cynical weather presenter is forced to repeat the same day over and over again, allowing him all the madness, experimentation or desperate attempts to seduce Rita about which he knows almost nothing. Sometimes a dark comedy, sometimes almost a Christmas story, an endless day finds a tasty balance between the tones. We rejoice, we are sometimes moved, sometimes marveling at the inventiveness of his simple scenario. At the end, we keep a very good memory, a sweet mood and the desire to start again this endless day.

The Widescreen Note : 4/5


Original release: 1984 – Duration: 1h51

Christina: pictureSoon a crossover with La Coccinelle is said

What is it about : D’Arnie and Christine, a couple who could be charming if Christine weren’t a possessive and susceptible demonic car.

Why you have to see it : Because John Carpenter + Stephen King = cult movie. The winning addition was however not obvious when the project entered production since it was more of a commissioned film supposed to bail out the coffers after the commercial failure of The Thing and loss of producer confidence. It is however this feature film in which he launched himself without much motivation or cinephile impetus which is today considered as one of the best adaptations of the American writer.

More than a diabolical object agitated in a deliberately comical and irreverent scenario, Christina disturbingly (and therefore fascinatingly) succeeds in taking flesh. The director forges a (terrifying) personality on him and even gives him a certain form of beauty to pervert and bewitch Arnie in an open criticism of the consumer society and the American model of success.

The Widescreen Note : 4/5


Original release: 1950 – Duration: 1h28

Rashomon: photoThe truth according to Akira Kurosawa

What is it about : The story of a sordid rape and murder, told from multiple points of view.

Why you have to see it : If you are interested in receiving the Last Duelreleased last year, you’ve probably heard or read the expression “Rashomon effect”, designating the same story told by several different subjectivities. Recently used by Ridley Scott or by Park Chan-wook, for example, this narrative process therefore goes back, in the cinema at least, to Rashomon, masterpiece ofAkira Kurosawa which moreover earned him international recognition (following its screening at the Venice Film Festival) which he had never really enjoyed until then.

Seventy years later, it still remains about as entertaining (the structure is necessarily very playful) as imbued with a philosophical meditation specific to its medium. Against the great snobbish theories considering the 7th art as a total art capable of showing everything, the director brilliantly demonstrates that the cameras are subject to biases, like everyone else. Here, even the victims are unaware of the circumstances of their murder. A great film about truth and cinemaobviously to be discovered in theaters.

The Widescreen Note : 5/5