Oda introduces Vegapunk in One Piece, his own version of Pain and Voldemort

When Eiichiro Oda said he was starting “the final arc of One Piece”, the mangaka was not bluffing. In the last chapters he has stepped on the accelerator and the great mysteries of the series They have started to fall one after another. The most recent is that of Vegapunk, one of those characters that we already thought we were never going to put a face to. Luffy’s adventures have found The Straw Hats on the Island of the Future, or what is the same, the island of the most intelligent man of the Grand Line, the head of science and technology of the Navy and childhood idol of Franky. And to our surprise, Vegapunk has turned out to be a cross between Voldemort and Pain, from Naruto. Oda has done it again.

First image of Vegapunk in the anime.

The first time we heard about Vegapunk was around chapter 433 of the manga (equivalent to episode 315 of the anime). by then we were in november 2006 and our favorite arc of the play, the one with Water 7 and Ennies Lobby, was coming to an end. Celebrating Robin’s rescue with a pool party, Luffy talked to Coby, whom he had just met again. It was during their conversation that we first learned about the scientist, who we were told had gotten Navy ships to navigate the Calm Belt and that he even knew how to transfer the powers of the Devil Fruits to certain objects.

Since then his name has only been repeated along with all kinds of advances, inventions and scientific achievements. He discovered the sea stone with which the government’s handcuffs are madeo (capable of nullifying the powers of Devil Fruits); created the pacifists (both old and new, the fearsome children based on the shichibukai); dealt with dragons at Punk Hazard, where he attempted dominate climate and gigantism; he made artificial akuma no mi… and so we could continue until tomorrow. But in any case, he was always described as “an older person”, and was even shown as such in the anime. You can imagine our surprise when an attractive young lady introduced herself as Vegapunk before Luffy’s gang at the close of One Piece chapter 1061.


Chaos ensued when York (Vegapunk 6) introduced himself as the scientist.

Far from being a hole in the script, Oda is introducing us to a character who, like Pain from Naruto or Voldemort from Harry Potter, split into six different people. Six “satellites” that present themselves as Vegapunk and that condense the different aspects of the scientist’s personality. Thus, we find the following versions of the character:

  • Punk-01, Shaka, the personification of kindness
  • Punk-02, Lilith, evil
  • Punk-03, Edison, ideas
  • Punk-04, Pythagoras, knowledge
  • Punk-05, Atlas, violence
  • And lastly, Punk-06, York, Greed, Desire

The six personalities of Vegapunk.

The six personalities of Vegapunk.

Vegapunk has carried out such an aberration to work on more projects at the same time, seeming to be everywhere and being able to crystallize whatever crosses his mind. In the end is based on Leonardo da Vinci, to which tens of hundreds of inventions are attributed. It is also no coincidence that its name shares etymological origin with the terms cyberpunk and steampunk, both referring to the future. And his island, Egg Island, is being described in the latest episodes of the manga as that, the island of the future.

One Piece is the only manga where you suddenly have an arc set in feudal Japan, and a handful of chapters later, another one set in the year 3000. Its universe is so entrenched that nothing shakes the coherence (or lack thereof) of Oda. But as we said, the appearance of Vegapunk is nothing more than a sample of how close we are to the end of the journey. It has always been one of the Navy’s secret weapons and yet… now this seeks to end himhe!

Vegapunk One Piece

Why do Cipher Pol and the Navy suddenly want to kill Vegapunk?

Although we already know the trick of Vegapunk, there is no doubt that it will continue to surprise in this new arc of One Piece. Too many people hate him for too many reasons.. The Navy suddenly and mysteriously wants to eliminate him. Bonney blames him for turning her father, Kuma, into a cyborg. Zoro does the same the SMILE of Wano and Caesar, Nami on the subject of gigantism and even Sanji is related to him due to his Visnmoke heritage (his father worked with Vegapunk). Not to mention Franky, with whom the opposite happens. He has him as an idol and even fulfilled his dream of building the Franky Shogun. It’s good? It is bad? Exists a hidden body like Pain’s who controls the rest?

This has just started…

One Piece Future Island

The Island of the Future where Vegapunk lives.