Oda strongly hinted that Zoro and Sanji have almost the same power!

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The Beginning of the Rivalry: Little Garden: Dorry and Broggy

In the Little Garden arc, the rivalry between Zoro and Sanji begins when they bicker over who is the best at hunting dinosaurs. They’re having a contest to see who can hunt the biggest dinosaur. It’s rather fun.

We will later learn that two giants named Dorry and Broggy have been fighting on this island for 100 years, neither of them being able to kill the other. They are tied.

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It is initially said that they forgot the reason they were fighting in the first place, but then it is revealed that…

dorry and broggy

This whole fight was about who hunted the biggest fish. It is clearly a parallel.

In the same arc where 2 warriors have endless equal fights for a hunting contest, 2 people start a rivalry… for a hunting contest.

So it’s clear to us that Oda draws a parallel between Dorry/Broggy and Zoro/Sanji and tries to make it clear to us that if Zoro and Sanji were to fight, it would be like Dorry and Broggy.

Oda refuses to answer

A fan asked a question in an SBS. And Oda didn’t just dodge the question, he got a classic Oda response.

D: If Zoro and Sanji fought seriously, who would win? Zoro beat Mr. 1**, so… he’s stronger, right?

O: Whoa! It was surprising… I thought you said “If Zoro and Sanji fought between idiots”… You have to be careful what you say. Someone might hear something totally wrong… Ok, see you next time!!

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Why would Oda avoid something so direct? Unless… he doesn’t want to be direct. He avoided answering the Zoro vs Sanji question altogether… make your own conclusions.


We know that Doriki is not exactly a reliable method for increasing potency. But let’s leave out-of-universe explanations aside, take a step back and get inside Oda’s mind.

Douriki one piece

Why would the Doriki of Zoro and Sanji’s opponents be so close to each other? Oda could have easily made Kaku’s 2500, and Jabra’s 1900. You know, create a good gap between those two, while maintaining a big gap between the rest of CP9. But no. He almost tied them.

In our opinion, this is how Oda sees Zoro and Sanji. Zoro being stronger, but very slightly. Just like Kaku and Jabra’s Dorikis. And just like the bonuses of…

king and queen

Yes. Here we are. Just like with the Doriki system, Oda could have made Queen and King’s bounties have a big gap. But he chose to make them very close to each other. King’s bounty is 1.39 billion and Queen’s is 1.32 billion. A minimal difference of 70 million berries.

king and queen

Even though bonuses are not accurate tools for assessing credentials, but we’re only talking about representation for now. Zoro and Sanji beat 2 people who had a very low bounty difference, just like Zoro and Sanji beat someone who had a very low doriki difference.

Differences in size of rivals

Oda has this mania of reducing the gap between two big rivals to 1cm.

one piece sizes

This would enhance the credibility of the above arguments.

Other points that we think are worth mentioning, but they are by no means highlights, so take them with a grain of salt:

  • Zoro and Sanji taking out a Pacifista together while Luffy got one by himself.
  • Both being the ones that bring Oars down in Thriller Bark by knocking him off his feet.
  • Bickering opponents (DazBones/Bon Chan, Kaku/Jabra, King/Queen).
  • Constantly represented as a duo.