Odd Taxi Director Explains How One Piece Was One Of The Big Anime Influences

OddTaxi” is surely one of the best original animes that have been published in recent years. A story built entirely through an exceptional narrative and with a conclusion that, although some could imagine to a certain extent with the clues that were given, it does not stop making it less impressive. But if we talk about impact, it is necessary to mention the presence of anthropomorphic animals who star in the story, a section in which “One Piece” played a key role.

Yes, One Piece played a key role in a modern work like One Piece.

Now, it’s been the comic book team which has revealed an interview with Baku Kinoshita, who will direct the “Odd Taxi” anime. This is what Kinoshita-san had to say when commenting on what he had noticed in “One Piece” for this unique anime:

  • It may be that more than one is already imagining it, but yes: what inspired the director of the Odd Taxi anime was neither more nor less than the presence of anthropomorphic animals in One Piece. ❗
  • From a certain point onwards, the story of Eiichiro Oda does not stop introducing characters that combine animal and human qualities, allowing you to get to see things like a giraffe man brandishing swords. Certainly in line with what one finds in Odd Taxi. ✔️
  • Kinoshita-san assures that One Piece has always been an inspiration to him growing up watching every movie that was released in the franchise. ✔️
  • Ultimately, out of curiosity reveals that character design was something they did before anything else in Odd Taxi, so anthropomorphic animals seem to have always been a priority. ❗

It is obvious that “One Piece” is a historical success on a worldwide scale, and it should not be surprising if more than one looks at the creation of Oda-sensei for their own work. However, it is curious to see that something like “Odd Taxi” gets to drink from it. Perhaps in the future we will have a new opportunity to enjoy more of these exceptional anthropomorphic animals.but at the moment it does not seem that there is any intention to continue expanding the anime.

Synopsis for Odd Taxi

“Where I’ve been?”. The city should be familiar to Odokawa, a taxi driver with a very ordinary life, but suddenly it is not. He doesn’t have a family, he doesn’t usually meet anyone and he is a somewhat eccentric person who doesn’t talk much. His only friends are his doctor, Goriki, and a former classmate, Kakibana. But his clients are also somewhat strange… his ordinary conversations will end up being related to the case of a student who has disappeared.