“Oh yes, they are indeed related…”: Eiichiro Oda confirms an important theory in the One Piece manga

One Piece Red trailer. “Oh yes, they are indeed related…”: Eiichiro Oda confirms an important theory in One Piece – Toei

We do not yet know when Eiichiro Oda will publish the last chapter of One Piece, but we know that the end is approaching, the mangaka feels freed from a weight. The proof, Luffy’s dad has just taken advantage of his free time again to lift the veil on a big mystery around his work and thus respond to a fan theory.

It’s no secret, Eiichiro Oda confirmed it, the end of One Piece approach. We reassure you, the mangaka should still continue the adventures of Luffy for three years (at least), but he is gradually putting in place the conclusion of his formidable story. And while he has already promised that the end of the manga will answer all possible mysteries, he is also taking advantage of his free time to react to some additional questions from the fans.

To this end, he recently participated in a question and answer session organized on the site of Shonen Jump. The opportunity for him to rediscover the passion of the public for his work, but also to react to one of the biggest fan theories. It will not have escaped you, the universe of One Piece is notably marked by a system of bonuses backed by search notices around several pirates. However, certain amounts are sometimes very surprising in view of the power that the characters concerned can actually generate.

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The mystery of the bounties finally known

Also, a reader of the manga asked Eiichiro Oda if these bounties were really thought to reflect the value of a pirate or if they were only the consequence of an intrigue or the relations which united them. Artist’s answer: yes,…

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