On March 1, 2022, multiple seasons of One Piece anime will be coming to Netflix.

New ‘One Piece’ Anime Seasons Coming to Netflix in March 2022

Anime fans, rejoice! More episodes of Eiichiro Oda’s epic One Piece anime are on the way and will be available to stream on Netflix in March 2022.

One Piece is one of the most beloved, successful and beloved Japanese fiction franchises in history. Beginning life as a manga in the weekly shonen jump in July 1997, the series’ popularity quickly grew, paving the way for its anime adaptation.

The manga continues to this day, with both the number of manga chapters and anime episodes exceeding 1000.

In June 2020 Netflix USA received for the first time episodes of One Piece. The East Blue and Alabasta sagas have become available for streaming. Fans have been rewarded for their patience, as for the first time in 21 months, more seasons of One Piece will be arriving soon.

When other seasons One Piece will they be coming to Netflix?

Now listed on Netflix’s upcoming page and on the One Piece it has been confirmed that more seasons will arrive on Tuesday, March 1, 2022.

hen Netflix received several seasons of One Piece for the first time, the East Blue and Alabasta sagas became available for streaming.

The next two sagas of One Piece are Sky Island and Water 7, however, there is no guarantee that Netflix will receive both. Indeed, the sagas are not counted because a long season is divided into several seasons.

If Netflix only receives the Sky Island saga, it will receive the following seasons:

  • Season 5 | Episodes: 130-143
  • Season 6 | Episodes: 144-195

If Netflix also receives the saga Water 7 this will bring the number of seasons available to stream up to 9 and the number of episodes to 335:

  • Season 7 | Episodes: 196-228
  • Season 8 | Episodes: 229-263
  • Season 9 | Episodes: 264-335

Hopefully Netflix will receive both sagas and increase the episode count by another 205 episodes!

What about Thriller Bark and Summit War?

We can’t rule out the possibility that Netflix won’t also receive seasons of the Thriller Bark and Summit War sagas. Nonetheless, it would add an unprecedented number of anime episodes to the Netflix US library at one time.

The only time we’ve seen such an incredible number of episodes added at once was when over 1000 episodes of One Piece have been added to the Japanese Netflix library.

What’s more likely to happen is that the Thriller Bark and Summit War sagas will arrive at a later date. If it takes another 21 months for more episodes to arrive, One Piece fans could wait until December 2023.