One of his best OnePiece OAVs on Netflix

In 2022, we no longer present One Piece. Indeed, the manga has it all. Last year, it passed the thousandth chapter mark, and aired its thousandth episode. This year, he will complete his 25and year of continuous activity and will produce its 15and film centered on the life of Luffy’s mentor. A record that makes rivals pale and dazzles fans. In addition to these two central announcements for 2022, the series is preparing its live-action jointly with Netflix. Just recently, we learned that the tenth film in the One Piece franchise is live on Netflix. An announcement that has not gone unnoticed by fans.

Credits: Toei Animation

One Piece: Strong World, an exception among the others

In general, the existing films about the life of Luffy and his companions have been intended to be contractions of the main arcs. They came indeed to summarize the events that took place during the quest for One Piece. But the tenth film titled One Piece: Strong World differs from the others. Indeed, rather than being a summary, it is an original creation of Oda. It is the only one of his films, on which Oda personally worked, and especially supervised. Released in 2009 in Japan, then in 2011 in France, it created a real craze among fans. For many of them, it is one of the best films in the series.

Synopsis of the movie

The film is already available on Netflix for anyone with an account. The streaming platform released a synopsis, which consists of these words:

“He has a plan, an airship and a hostage navigator. To confront him, the Straw Hat Pirates must defeat a floating island full of threats”.

In this movie, Luffy and his friends go to the East Blue, to investigate strange attacks taking place there. Arrived on the scene, they will see a strange pirate ship appear. A member of the Straw Hat crew is kidnapped. To save the world from the Pirates and the universe of the Grand Line, the other members of the crew will have to individually face monsters that are on the island of Strong World.

What does Oda have in store for us?

Netflix’s appetite for anime isn’t news in and of itself. The American streaming platform is doing its best to collect as many of the big names in animation as possible. Currently she is working on Bubble, which she made with Wit Studio and other Japanese animation stars. Regarding the One Piece universe, Netflix has partnered with Oda for the development ofa live-action series.

On the side of the fans, it cringes. It is immediately recognized that live-action series are often failures. Which rightly chills fans. But Oda was reassuring about it. The mangaka is working closely on this new project, and has taken particular care to personally choose the actors who will play our heroes.