One of the great mysteries of One Piece is about to be solved

The greatest mysteries that the Wano Country hid have finally been revealed, however there is still one unknown to decipher.

Wano’s recent arc has officially completed with the defeat of Kaido the main antagonist of this, but with it they have been many unknowns to resolve.

Wano Island has hidden great secrets for a long timewhich have been revealed little by little as the plot of this popular anime progresses.

However, it seems that there is still a great mystery to solve. Below we tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers for chapter #1055 of the One Piece manga.

What is the mystery that is to be solved?

The Road Poneglyph that Nico Robin has been looking for for a while

The Road Poneglyph that Nico Robin has been looking for for a while

The battle against Kaido finally came to an end. However, things in Wano seem not to be over yet. And it is that in the most recent chapter of the manga, they have discovered great mysteries about this country and apparently there is still another unknown to be confirmed.

In the chapter #1055 of this mangawhile Momonosuke is in full battle against GreenBull, under Wano castle is another event happening. And it is that Kozuki Sukiyaki is guiding Nico Robin and Trafalgar Law through a secret path, in order to show them more information about the Poneglyph.

As they near the end of this path, they see a beam of light which is reflected by a glass block. Robin and Law move closer to look through it, seeing the old Wano Country, submerged under water, left behind. surprised by this discovery.

Sukiyaki finally leads them to a room. showing them the Road Poneglyph, which Nico Robin had been looking for for a while. The elder Kozuki tells them that if they continue going down they will be able to find the ancestral weapon Pluto.

However, Kozuki Sukiyaki also tells them that, to be able to unleash this ancient weaponthey must destroy the borders of Wano. This revelation gives an unexpected twist to this plot, since the Mugiwara would have information about the exact location of two of the three ancient weapons that exist.

As a consequence of this, the only mystery What remains to be resolved is Uranus final ancient weapon locationso it is not surprising that this secret is reveal sooner of what we believe.

How would opening its borders harm Wano?

The Country of Wano by liberating its borders would be unprotected against attacks by enemies

The Country of Wano by liberating its borders would be unprotected against attacks by enemies

Opening the borders of Wano is something that this people have always wantedsince they were led by Kozuki Oden, since they are isolated from the rest of the world.

This was Oden’s dream during his tenure, even died with this idealso it is presumed that his descendant Momonosuke also will follow in his father’s footsteps and will try to make this come true.

However, open the borders of Wano would unleash the ancient weapon Pluto which is located in the depths of the ancient country. But by doing this they will become a easy target for the other pirates and the world government, since they would be unprotected and at the mercy of these who will be tempted by get hold of this powerful weapon.

Therefore, open the borders doesn’t seem like a good idea at all, for the complications what this would entail.