One Of Zoro’s Big Mysteries In One Piece May Have Been Revealed


Looks like Zoro’s true form is now canon…

In Chapter 1038 of One Piece gave us new important information about the swordsman of the mugiwara. Zoro was seen outside the skull dome lying down after winning his fight with King. Suddenly, an angel of death appeared in front of him, ready to bring the scythe down on him. When the chapter was first released, the popular theory was that it was Brook and Robin in disguise to hide from the CP0 agents who were after her, but two chapters later it was revealed that they were still inside the dome. The truth behind this scene may be much more interesting.

The next time Zoro was seen in the manga, he was falling off the island before Franky caught him, but the angel of death was nowhere to be found as if it was a vision (or a possible wink from Eiichiro). Ode). One idea is that this mysterious figure is a physical manifestation of Enma, the spirit of her sword. Throughout the raid, Zoro has been trying to properly use Oden’s ancient sword. Even, she struggled at first to contain the power from him, then had to deal with him trying to absorb all the haki from him.

Once he finally realized that he was being tested and took command of Enma, he was able to control him and defeat King, after which he said that he would become the “King of Hell”. It is possible that Enma, who is the King of Hell in Buddhist mythology, came to him in his “true form” thanks to the swordsman’s call through his great fighting spirit. Also, it may be that his appearance is due to him seeking to make a final judgment on whether or not Zoro is worthy of wielding it. Or perhaps Zoro will have to have a metaphysical battle with Enma to fully earn the sword’s allegiance..

Another possibility is that the reaper was a hallucination and a side effect of the medicine that Miyagi and Chopper gave Zoro shortly before their fight. Mink’s injection had extreme regenerative effects, but at the cost of doubling his suffering and pain later on., as well as unforeseen side effects. Just like in Thriller Bark, when Kuma manifested all of Luffy’s pain in the paw bubble for Zoro to take on, this angel of death could have been a manifestation of all that pain going back to Zoro.

Although it is unlikely that Zoro will die, the question will be how this will affect him later in One Piece. When he was fighting one of the pacifists in the Sabaody Archipelago, Zoro was still feeling the aftermath of Thriller Bark and collapsed multiple times. during the fight. Will Zoro be out of commission in the next Straw Hat team fight, or is this all just a test that will ultimately make him stronger?

zoro one piece enma

Perhaps this confrontation with the angel of death could lead to Zoro turning one or all of his swords into a Black Blade. If he wants to defeat Mihawk and become the strongest swordsman in the world, he will have to do it at some point. Seeing as One Piece is heading towards the end of him, it’s possible that this is one of his last steps on the way to the top.

Zoro’s possible future in One Piece

All things considered, it’s undeniable that something strange is happening to the Straw Hats’ swordsman. The question this raises is, “Will Zoro’s recent fight in One Piece have major consequences?” After a sprawling and eventful saga, the Onigashima Raid in One Piece is nearing its climax. Every prominent figure in the Beast and Big Mom Pirates has been knocked out, including the All-Stars, but not without a cost. Zoro, who defeated King after finally freeing Enma, appears to be on the verge of death.


The Straw Hats swordsman is currently unconscious, being carried through Onigashima by Franky. He addresses Chopper for the second time in the raid, but is there anything left for him to do for Zoro after seeing Enma’s spirit? Be that as it may, we will soon find out in future chapters.

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