One Peach: when Oasis parodies One Piece – KULTT

Oasis cult fruits are back! And this time they are the stars of this new manga OnePeach, a hilarious parody of the manga One Piece.

The illustrator and influencer Vivi Zama wrote a 54-page manga, divided into three chapters. Entitled OnePeach, he parodies the manga One Piece with the famous Oasis fruits. The Feather Hat crew sets out to conquer the mysterious Celestial Oasis Island.

In this crazy manga, we follow the adventures of Captain Orange dit Lefruit and his crew. If it is not an official partnership with One Piece, we can’t miss the reference. As a reminder, One Piece is one of the most cult manga of all time. Created by Eiichirō Oda in 1997, it is the best-selling manga in the world. Printed in more than 500 million copies, it follows the adventures of Luffy, a pirate who seeks the treasure One Piece of the pirate king Gold Roger.

The Little Fruits of Oasis

On his side, the French brand Oasis continues to stage its P’tits Fruits. And it was in 2004 that they were born, thanks to the publicist Eric Lavenac. Indeed, on behalf of the FCB Paris agency, he imagines the animated P’tits Fruits. Since then, they have become the brand’s official mascots and have appeared in numerous television commercials. And now they are the stars of this new manga, which you can read in full via this link.

“In the midst of the era of fruirates, Orange Dit Lefruit and his crew roam the oceans in search of One Peach, the mysterious treasure of the king of fruirates. As their island-hopping journey continues, the crew discovers a mysterious treasure drifting offshore. A new adventure begins…” indicates the summary.