One Piece: 10 advantages of being a pirate

The world of One Piece It has been full of pirates since the King of Pirates, Gol D. Roger, started the Great Age of Piracy shortly before he died. Pirates from around the world set sail for their treasure, and decades later their numbers continue to grow.

Although being a pirate is not for everyone, those who decide to follow this path are usually those who are looking for riches and a great adventure, as well as wanting to leave their mark on the world. Being a pirate is certainly very attractive in the world of One Piece.

10 Pirates have a sense of freedom like no other in history

All pirates of the world ofOne Piece are outlaws who are hunted by the World Government and while that is certainly a problem, at the same time, they have the most freedom than anyone else in the world.

This sense of freedom is what attracted people like Luffy to become a pirate in the first place. At the same time, the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, was the freest man on the seas, as he was the one above all pirates.

9 Pirates get all kinds of treasures and riches1633346301 448 One Piece 10 advantages of being a pirate.webp

Perhaps one of the greatest perks of being a pirate in the world of One Piece is that they are often made with the treasures. Pirates follow treasure maps and find great riches, and when not, loot those they find.

Although it is an act of villainy, pirates never pretend to be morally good, that is, they always do what they feel like doing.

8 Pirates Have The Best Banquets In The World1633346302 631 One Piece 10 advantages of being a pirate.webp

One of the funniest things about being a pirate in the world of One Piece is to celebrate banquets. Luffy, for example, loves to celebrate at every opportunity he finds. Without weighing anything down, Luffy always celebrates with his comrades at every opportunity he gets.

Every adventure that the crew completes is marked by a great feast, which shows how much pirates like to party and have fun with those around them.

7 pirates go to sea in search of great adventures1633346302 703 One Piece 10 advantages of being a pirate.webp

Instead of leading a normal life, the pirates of the world of One Piece they choose to listen to the call of Mother Sea and embark on great adventures. The sense of adventure and exploration of the world has always been at the core of One Piece and, without a doubt, it is necessary to be a pirate.

All other people in the world are subject to responsibilities that they cannot ignore. For pirates, having an adventure is the most important thing, as seen with Roger, Rayleigh, and the Straw Hat Pirates.

6 Pirates connect with the different races of the world1633346302 535 One Piece 10 advantages of being a pirate.webp

The world ofOne Piece It has numerous races, some of which are ostracized by humans, especially the Nobles of the World. Being a pirate allows you to free yourself from all hatred and connect with the different races of the world.

Various crews from the world of One Piece they are home to races such as fishmen, giants, and dwarfs, among many others. Luffy has formed an incredible bond with each of the races he has crossed paths with, which only adds to the beauty of being a pirate.

5 Pirates are not subject to government laws1633346302 798 One Piece 10 advantages of being a pirate.webp

Being free, pirates are not bound by any laws that normal people are obliged to abide by. The pirates are their own leaders and each one of them does what they want until their last breath.

Even illegal activities, like studying the Poneglyphs, are things that only pirates of the world can do freely. Being a pirate is certainly dangerous, but it feels just as liberating.

4 Pirates can follow their own sense of justice1633346302 125 One Piece 10 advantages of being a pirate.webp

There are certain things that can only be seen by becoming a pirate, and exploring them for yourself, instead of following the orders of the higher ups in the World Government.

Pirates have their own sense of justice. While some are cruel and ruthless, others are very empathetic and help everyone around them. In any case, being a pirate allows people to do what their heart dictates.

3 Pirates can explore the truth about the ancient kingdom1633346302 374 One Piece 10 advantages of being a pirate.webp

When Gol D. Roger began the Great Age of Pirates, he did so with the goal of taking people to the sea so that someone could fulfill the promise of the years. Obviously, the one who keeps the promise has to be one of the pirates, since they are the only ones in the world who can explore the truth about the Old Kingdom.

Gol D. Roger and his team discovered the truth, but kept it to themselves, as they were too early. The others, who want to find Laugh Tale, will end up discovering this secret and will learn the true history of the world.

2 Some pirates may enjoy world government protection1633346302 849 One Piece 10 advantages of being a pirate.webp

Some pirates of the world of One Piece they are quite powerful and for that reason they are granted the position of Shichibukai. In exchange for their help to the Navy, these pirates have complete freedom to do whatever they want. As you might expect, these pirates are never hunted down by the government.

Instead, they are only needed to help the Navy in times of need, which almost never arises, and even when it does, they never really go out of their way to help the Navy. Sadly, the Shichibukai system has been abolished.

1 Pirates can freely search for ancient weapons1633346302 21 One Piece 10 advantages of being a pirate.webp

Ancient Weapons are three great weapons of mass destruction that were used by the Old Kingdom about 800-900 years ago. These weapons still exist and one of them, the Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi, is found on Fishman Island.

Pluto’s whereabouts are unknown, while nothing has been mentioned about Uranus in history so far. The World Government does not allow people to search for information related to Ancient Weapons; however, the pirates are, once again, free to do so.