One Piece: 10 anime characters Nami would be friends with

Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat pirates in the universe ofOne Piece and one of Luffy’s closest companions since the events of Orange Town. Although he is primarily driven by money, he is also drawn to the promise of adventure and doing the right thing.

Over the years, Nami’s outgoing but fiercely individualistic nature has made her interactions with others unpredictable. By identifying anime characters from other universes that she would be friends with, it is easier to get an idea of ​​her priorities and the values ​​she respects in other people.

10 Koichi se enamora de Nami de forma similar a Chopper (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Koichi’s innocent and childish manners are very reminiscent of Chopper’s, especially when considering his size. This would immediately make Nami likeable, as it would awaken her protective instincts.

It will keep its favor thanks to the viability of its Reverb Stand. Since he can subdue anyone who approaches him with crushing weight, he is capable of shielding the navigator from any approaching threat, be they World Government agents or enemy Stand users.

9 Sakura and Nami have a lot in common (Naruto)1640684132 910 One Piece 10 anime characters Nami would be friends with.webp

Sakura and Nami have dozens of similarities. The most obvious is that they are one of the only relevant heroines in a predominantly male cast and that they often counter antics with justified physical discipline.

Although they fail to match their peers in strength, both have proven to be indispensable thanks to their secondary abilities (such as healing and navigation, respectively). The only major difference between them is that Sakura aggressively pursues Sasuke’s love, while Nami tends to avoid suitors (though she’s more than happy to use Sanji when it suits her).

8 Kagome and Nami share similar responsibilities (Inuyasha)1640684132 277 One Piece 10 anime characters Nami would be friends with.webp

Like Sakura, Kagome and Nami share similar roles within their respective groups. For example, both are voices of morality and moderation.

Kagome’s benevolence was shown by her tenacity in completing the Jewel of Shikon and defeating Naraku. Nami’s generosity was seen when she rescued the children of Punk Hazard from the treacherous Caesar Clown, though individually they were strong enough to destroy her. His soft spot for children was also shown through his interactions with Shippo and Chopper. The only major difference from the duo is that Kagome is not as materialistic as her seafaring counterpart.

7 Katara and Nami have faced revenge (Avatar)1640684133 52 One Piece 10 anime characters Nami would be friends with.webp

Katara and Nami have very similar backstories. Both were forced to take care of their brother after the tragic murder of their mother. Furthermore, they also faced the assassin in the future and were forced to consider the merits of forgiveness or revenge.

The only significant difference between them is that Luffy defeated Arlong, while Katara had a much more direct role in the battle against her own attackers. In any case, their pasts will provide them with a lot of material to bond with, and they will quickly become close friends.

6 Uraraka and Nami balance doing the right thing with material interests (My Hero Academia)1640684133 377 One Piece 10 anime characters Nami would be friends with.webp

Although they come from very different backgrounds, Uraraka and Nami have similar goals. Both are driven by financial gain, but they know how to balance self-interest with altruism.

Throughout the series, Uraraka has learned more about the true principles of a hero. Similarly, Nami has grown to empathize with others by experiencing many of their difficulties firsthand. Another notable difference is that Nami pursues wealth for herself, while Uraraka wants her to take care of her parents.

5 Nami would get along with Viola based on her interactions with the crew (One Piece)1640684133 354 One Piece 10 anime characters Nami would be friends with.webp

Viola was one of the few women that Nami had not related to since the Straw Hats parted ways in the midst of the Dressrosa crisis. However, they probably would have gotten along if they had crossed paths.

Throughout the arc, Viola proved selfless, kind, and a valuable asset to the Straw Hat pirates. His clairvoyance allowed him to transmit the results of multiple battles occurring at the same time. Their only conflict concerns Sanji, as Nami wants to retain his attention to obtain his services.

4 Leorio and Nami hide their heart of gold (Hunter X Hunter)1640684133 740 One Piece 10 anime characters Nami would be friends with.webp

Both Leorio and Nami are driven by money. Each has declared it as their primary goal over and over again, to the point where it’s hard to believe it’s their sole motive. They actually have a tremendous sense of compassion and a desire to help other people.

The only thing that separates Leorio and Nami from a wonderful friendship is that they each have a stubborn and headstrong personality. Unfortunately, they may be too alike to get along as well as they could.

3 Nami would appreciate Sasha’s playful nature (Attack On Titan)1640684133 246 One Piece 10 anime characters Nami would be friends with.webp

Sasha Braus has a tremendous sense of the game that is rare in the universe of Attack On Titan. He knows how to minimize any situation and does not hesitate in the face of danger.

Although Nami is more task oriented and risk averse, I would admire Sasha’s deeper qualities for the fact that Sasha and Luffy are incredibly alike. Her gluttony would make it especially difficult for the navigator to distinguish between her captain and the new friend at hand.

2 Winry and Nami know how to take care of their friends (Fullmetal Alchemist)1640684133 339 One Piece 10 anime characters Nami would be friends with.webp

Winry and Nami share the sense of compassion necessary to protect their friends. The first supplies Edward with the automail he needs to survive Father’s homunculus, while the second leads Luffy from place to place in his attempt to become Pirate King.

Both women tend to avoid direct combat when possible and punish their friends for being unnecessarily aggressive. Although this stems in part from a place of frustration, it hides how much they care for those closest to them and try to protect them.

1 Nami and Faye are two sides of the same coin (Cowboy Bebop)1640684134 897 One Piece 10 anime characters Nami would be friends with.webp

Faye Valentine and Nami share so many similarities that the former could reasonably be construed as an inspiration for the latter. Both are very materialistic, trying to overcome their troublesome pasts and, at first, they turned out to be unreliable friends for the protagonist of the series. Faye was constantly leaving the Bebop without warning, sometimes with her money. Similarly, Nami initially attempted to rob Luffy for Arlong.

Likewise, they have learned to trust the protagonist by overcoming frequent tribulations. The two women are also bothered by their friends’ callous disregard for their own safety and sometimes feel compelled to intervene on their behalf.