One Piece: 10 anime characters that would be the perfect match for Robin

Robin is one of the most interesting members of the Straw Hat crew in One Piece. Its origin is sad, like that of many characters, but it manages to maintain a unique personality apart from it. She is much more reserved and calm than her Straw Hat companions, who tend to be much crazier.

That is why it is likely that he will not kill anyone at the end of the series. None of the crew members and few of the characters in the series could get his attention. It takes a special kind of man to match her, who needs charm, intellect, or a strong sense of self to win her affection.

10 Rock’s sincere personality would instantly attract Robin’s (Black Lagoon) attention

In the world of Black Lagoon, in which you are just as likely to be shot by an ally as an enemy, Rock represents the cool head. He is a prominent pacifist who prefers to use words rather than weapons to solve a problem. While Robin is not above the fight, he prefers to use his words to get what he wants.

One aspect that would appeal to Robin more than anything is his seriousness. It wouldn’t be much different from how the Straw Hats managed to make her part of their family.

9 Kisuke Urahara has a mystery that Robin would like to reveal (Bleach)1629301707 374 One Piece 10 anime characters that would be the perfect.webp

Robin has always been a girl who has liked to unravel the history of an area and learn more about its past. This is why he gets so angry when people threaten to destroy ancient relics. Of all the characters in Bleach, none were as mysterious as Urahara.

He always seemed to be two steps ahead of everyone, even enemies as smart as Aizen. With him, Robin would have a man who could keep her guessing, taking her on a chase to find out what she was really thinking.

8 Gohan would be his intellectual equal (Dragon Ball)1629301708 836 One Piece 10 anime characters that would be the perfect.webp

Despite being part of a pirate crew and having spent most of her life on the run, Robin has always been a nerd at heart. He loves history and reads any book that falls into his hands.

In a crew like the Straw Hats, there is no one who can be considered his intellectual equal, least of all with Luffy at the helm. Enter Gohan, Dragon’s resident nerd Ball, who prefers a good book to a fight any day. The two of them would hit it off immediately, and she would help introduce some necessary danger into Gohan’s life.

7 Kakashi wouldn’t mind her lazing around reading as “lazy” could well be his middle name (Naruto)1629301708 521 One Piece 10 anime characters that would be the perfect.webp

Kakashi has always been down to earth, even if he’s a bit lazy. For many girls, that can be a disadvantage, but for Robin, it would be exactly what she was looking for. She doesn’t need a boy full of emotion or spontaneity. She wants someone she can chill with, a guy who doesn’t mind a night when they snuggle up and read a book.

In Kakashi’s case, that book may be a bit more outrageous than Robin is used to. Those little differences would help things not feel too stale.

6 Gray’s debauchery to undress would provide him with a lot of visual pleasure and fun throughout the day (Fairy Tail)1629301709 34 One Piece 10 anime characters that would be the perfect.webp

Gray, de Fairy Tail, has a way of making even the most mundane activities fun. One of the main reasons is that you can’t seem to stop ripping your clothes off. Without realizing it, he always ends up half-naked, a recurring gag throughout the series.

Not only would it give Robin a ton of fun, but it would also give him a steady stream of eye candy. He’d be more of a silly toy than other potential partners, but he would make Robin laugh, and that’s an underrated facet of any successful relationship.

5 Levi Ackerman would be slow to warm up, but the two would bond over their past and shared values ​​(Attack On Titan)1629301709 678 One Piece 10 anime characters that would be the perfect.webp

There aren’t many characters that Levi, from Attack on Titan, she would get along, much less those she would date. At first, she probably wouldn’t even like Robin very much, and her cold demeanor would drive her away at first.

Once she saw how maniacal he was, there is no doubt that she would tease him the way Hange often did. Their relationship would be rather slow, but once they began to trust each other, they would be able to bond over the harsh nature of their respective upbringings and the values ​​they share.

4 Chrono and Robin clash over their loyalty to their friends (Chrono Crusade)1629301710 244 One Piece 10 anime characters that would be the perfect.webp

Although Chrono de Chrono Crusade he is technically a demon, he has a perfect personality for Robin. He’s laid-back and laid-back, something Robin always prefers to the chaos the Straw Hats wreak.

More than anything, it is your loyalty that she would appreciate. They both put their friends’ needs above their own, supporting them in whatever way they can. In Chrono’s case, that means putting himself in danger to make sure none of his friends get hurt.

3 Ryo Saeba is everything Sanji wishes he was and foolish enough for Robin to fall for his charms (City Hunter)1629301710 968 One Piece 10 anime characters that would be the perfect.webp

Sanji has always considered himself a ladyboy, someone capable of stealing anyone’s heart if he wants to. Although Robin has never come close to succumbing to his whims, at least he goes along with it.

That would be wrong with Ryo’s City Hunter, since he is everything Sanji wishes he were. He has the charm it takes to raze a woman, and that is exactly what he would be able to do with Robin. Their mix of foolishness and mischief would make the two of them fall in love with each other, if only for a while.

2 Jet Black has a rugged exterior that hides just how gigantic it is (Cowboy Bebop)1629301710 383 One Piece 10 anime characters that would be the perfect.webp

Very few anime characters manage to pull off the tough look as well as Jet Black does. He has the look of someone you wouldn’t want to fight with, and appearances are not deceptive. Jet isn’t afraid to bring people to justice, but that’s not all of his character.

That tough exterior hides a compassionate soul. In Cowboy Bebop, is a reliable father figure to both Faye and Spike. The layers of her personality would be more than enough to get Robin’s attention; it would be his big teddy bear.

1 Kenshin Himura behaves with the same humility and education as Robin (Rurouni Kenshin)1629301711 627 One Piece 10 anime characters that would be the perfect.webp

Kenshin Himura, de Rurouni Kenshin, is one of the most complete shonen protagonists of the genre. Before he was a bloodthirsty samurai and now he is on the path of redemption. The way Kenshin is getting over his past is something Robin would immediately hold onto.

The two are alike in more than just their shared quest for redemption. They are both very polite and humble when talking to each other. They try not to speak out of place and rarely try to shake the boat. There is no anime character that suits Robin better.