One Piece: 10 anime characters who can defeat Blackbeard

After more than two decades, One Piece It remains one of the most popular manga and anime series in the world. The series is set in a world full of pirates, and many of them possess some kind of Haki or Devil Fruit Power. Blackbeard is one of the strongest and most selfish characters in the series.

Blackbeard possesses the Dark Fruit, which allows him to create and manipulate darkness. He has also managed to acquire the power of the Tremor-Tremor fruit, which allows him to create earthquakes and powerful shockwaves. Just a handful of characters from One Piece He can take on Blackbeard, but there are several characters from other anime who can probably beat him in a fight.

10 Saitama can beat him with a single punch (One-Punch Man)

The Dark Fruit is incredibly powerful, but unlike other Logia-type Devil Fruits, it does not allow Blackbeard’s body to become intangible. This means that physical attacks can hurt him, which also means that Saitama can take him out with a single hit.

Saitama is the strongest, fastest and most resistant human in One-Punch Man. In fact, his physical strength is believed to be unlimited. As the name of the series suggests, Saitama usually takes a single hit to defeat his opponent. Its durability should also counter any attacks Blackbeard throws at it.

9 Meliodas’s revenge counter would be very effective (Seven Deadly Sins)1630746297 431 One Piece 10 anime characters who can defeat Blackbeard.webp

As the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas is one of the group’s most useful members, and that usefulness comes primarily from his monstrous strength. Meliodas is the son of the Demon King, which means that he is a literal demon god. When he uses his demonic power, he becomes an immortal being that can instantly heal serious injuries.

What really makes Meliodas a difficult opponent is his Full Counter ability, as it allows him to reflect an attack back to his opponent. Meliodas can also use the Revenge Counter ability, which allows him to absorb a large amount of damage. This damage is finally channeled into his sword before unleashing a truly devastating attack.

8 The Third Tsuchikage’s Dust Release Would Disintegrate Blackbeard (Naruto: Shippuden)1630746297 199 One Piece 10 anime characters who can defeat Blackbeard.webp

The Third Tsuchikage became one of Naruto’s strongest allies, and his Dust Release allowed him to remain a threat despite his advanced age. Dust Release is an extremely rare nature transformation that allows the user to create three-dimensional objects.

When Onoki fires one of these objects at an opponent, the opponent travels incredibly fast and expands, and everything trapped inside immediately disintegrates at the molecular level. Blackbeard may be able to absorb things like a black hole, but his ability shouldn’t be fast enough to prevent Dust Release from activating.

7 Years Voldigoad is a Demon King with too many powers (The misfit of the Demon King Academy)1630746298 548 One Piece 10 anime characters who can defeat Blackbeard.webp

Anos Voldigoad is the first and most powerful Demon King of Tyranny, and if he and Blackbeard ever clashed, he would probably find the Yonko’s powers amusing. Anos possesses immense physical strength and magical power, and his Eyes of Destruction can destroy everything in sight.

If he wanted to, Anos could simply use the force of his heartbeat to inflict fatal internal damage on Blackbeard. If that’s not enough, he can use Chaotic and Destruction Magic to destroy anything, including objects that should be indestructible.

6 Light can write Blackbeard’s name on the Death Note1630746298 67 One Piece 10 anime characters who can defeat Blackbeard.webp

Light Yagami may have failed several times, but he’s still managed to do a lot with the Death Note and his genius-level intellect. Under normal circumstances, Blackbeard would destroy Light because he is nothing more than an ordinary human, but the Death Note is stronger than any Haki or Devil Fruit power.

Once Light learns that Blackbeard’s real name is Marshall D. Teach, he just has to write the name in the death notebook, and the Yonko’s fate will be sealed. When someone’s name is written in the notebook, they can die in a very specific way. However, if the cause of death is not written down, the person will have a fatal heart attack instead.

5 Tomura’s decomposing Quirk would destroy Blackbeard’s body (My Hero Academia)1630746298 466 One Piece 10 anime characters who can defeat Blackbeard.webp

Tomura possesses one of the most dangerous Quirks in My Hero Academia. His Decay Quirk gives him the ability to disintegrate anything he touches, and is strong enough to disintegrate multiple targets simultaneously.

If Blackbeard possessed any other Lodge Fruit, he would not have to worry about Tomura’s power, but the Dark Fruit cannot prevent Blackbeard from being touched. If Tomura is able to use his Quirk on Blackbeard, the Yonko will have to amputate the decaying body part if he wants to prevent his entire body from disintegrating.

4 Kaguya can trap him in another dimension (Naruto: Shippuden)1630746298 782 One Piece 10 anime characters who can defeat Blackbeard.webp

The Serie Naruto It is full of powerful villains, but Kaguya Otsutsuki stands out above all the others in terms of overall power. Kaguya possessed an immense amount of chakra, and her mastery of it was the reason she was considered a god.

Kaguya’s Byakugan gives him an X-ray field of view of almost 360º, but his Rinne-Sharingan is what would guarantee the loss of Blackbeard. The Rinne-Sharingan gives her the ability to instantly teleport herself and others to other dimensions. All you have to do is throw Blackbeard into one of these dimensions, and he will be trapped there forever.

3 Akame’s sword can poison him (Akame Ga Kill!)1630746298 387 One Piece 10 anime characters who can defeat Blackbeard.webp

Akame is the best assassin of Akame Ga Kill. She is incredibly agile and, thanks to her intense training, is a master of the sword and an expert in hand-to-hand combat.

He wields a special katana called Murasame that is coated in an extremely deadly poison. A single slash from this sword will cause poison to spread through the target’s body in seconds. Since Blackbeard cannot make his body intangible, Akame can easily cut it off.

2 Blackbeard can’t stop Barragan’s aging powers (Bleach)1630746298 8 One Piece 10 anime characters who can defeat Blackbeard.webp

Barragan is a great leader who possesses an immense amount of spiritual power, but his ability is what truly makes him one of the most useful Espada. Barragán represents old age and, in its basic form, can slow down time. If you touch a certain part of Blackbeard’s body, you can cause that part of the body to age quickly.

When he releases his Zanpakuto, everything around him rapidly ages to dust. It can also produce a type of miasma that rots everything it touches. If Blackbeard draws Baraggan to him, he will be affected by Senescence, and if he tries to absorb Baraggan’s Breath, it will continue to eat away at Blackbeard’s body.

1 Zeno can literally destroy entire universes (Dragon Ball Super)1630746298 277 One Piece 10 anime characters who can defeat Blackbeard.webp

Goku has made many powerful allies throughout the series Dragon Ball , and Zeno is the strongest of them all. Zeno may seem like an innocent child, but in reality he is the ruler of the entire multiverse, and he is the only one capable of using the Erase ability.

Blackbeard may have two of the strongest Devil Fruits out there, but both are useless against Zeno. Zeno is capable of erasing multiple universes at once, so eliminating Blackbeard would be easy.