One Piece: 10 anime characters who could become marines

The Marines are the executors of the World Government in the universe ofOne Piece. Technically, your job is to defend the seas from pesky pirates in a tireless effort to maintain order in an uncertain time. Whether through propaganda or sheer acts of heroism, they have won the hearts of the people despite everything.

However, they are also servants to the corrupt ways of the Heavenly Dragons, making them complicit in whatever crimes the aristocrats commit. By identifying characters from the anime who would consider joining the Marines anyway, we can better appreciate the many attractions and drawbacks of the organization.

10 The Judge Balances Order With Depravity (Castlevania)

The Judge kept the peace in his region and even enlisted Belmont’s help in dealing with the local cultists. Apart from the cathedral on the top of the mountain, his town was calm, organized and prosperous.

However, its tranquility underscores a dark secret; The Judge quietly murders the children by luring them into a spiked trap. Considering how he balances order with corruption, he would be a perfect candidate to join and lead the Marines in battle. His candidacy is especially valid given his willingness to die for the sake of a mission.

9 Kirishima would believe the dogma of the marines (My Hero Academia)1631786264 109 One Piece 10 anime characters who could become marines.webp

Kirishima’s idealistic vision of what the world should be would push him into the arms of the Marines. Obsessed with being a manly icon, he would take Garp’s example in training to serve the World Government.

Furthermore, Kirishima’s willingness to apply to join the Navy is demonstrated by the injustices that he overlooks in his own universe for the sake of becoming a hero. This includes the exclusionary nature of the “pro” society, as well as the limitation behind the meta abilities that would later inspire the Re-Destro movement.

8 Floch loves to play the role of enforcer (Attack On Titan)1631786264 77 One Piece 10 anime characters who could become marines.webp

Floch began his stay in the Scouts as an idealistic young man who wanted to serve his country. After experiencing the horrors of war and realizing what had to be done, he gradually became more overtly sadistic and depraved.

During the Yeagerists’ takeover of Paradis, Floch found it fine to assassinate political dissidents in the street as an example for those who supported Eren Yeager’s enemies. Given his enthusiasm for enforcing the law without regard for moral consequences, he would be a stalwart and obedient Marine.

7 Zoro was a pirate hunter before joining the Straw Hats (One Piece)1631786264 300 One Piece 10 anime characters who could become marines.webp

When first introduced to him, Zoro was a pirate hunter who earned his living by collecting bounties. He only joined Luffy’s crew out of respect for the young man’s admirable qualities and strength.

If Zoro had met someone like Garp or Aokiji rather than Ax-Hand Morgan, he would have been more forced to join the Marines rather than the pirates. This is especially true because it would give him greater accessibility to train, challenge, and potentially defeat Mihawk, thus proving that he is the best swordsman in the world.

6 Morel was a loyal man who sought to protect the world from danger (Hunter X Hunter)1631786264 913 One Piece 10 anime characters who could become marines.webp

Although Morel shares the typical adventurous spirit of hunters, he has a sense of honor and loyalty that would make him a suitable Marine. Along with Knov, he accompanied Netero to NGL territory and even forced a royal guard to retreat from him in battle.

Even after his master’s alleged disappearance, Morel was willing to fight chimera ants, as he understood the danger they posed if it was impossible to contain them. This would make him a qualified Marine, especially considering that he is the strongest in the sea.

5 Integra Hellsing used dark power to achieve great things (Hellsing)1631786264 810 One Piece 10 anime characters who could become marines.webp

Integra was the leader of the Hellsing organization and possibly the most capable advocate in London. Though not particularly powerful on her own merits, her mastery of dark powers – specifically, Alucard and Seras – made her a fearsome woman.

Given her willingness to do whatever it takes for peace and order, she would be a credible Marine. This is especially true due to his prestigious track record and lineage.

4 L He understood and was able to work through corrupt systems efficiently (Death Note)1631786264 741 One Piece 10 anime characters who could become marines.webp

L was the greatest detective of his time and a man whose name was commonly associated with justice. He understood very well how to solve mysteries and therefore could uncover the most elusive pirates with only a moderate amount of information.

His commitment to justice and to doing things according to the rules would be a factor that the World Government could use to his advantage, as long as they do not assign him more “benign” targets such as the Straw Hat or Rumbar pirates.

3 Tarkus is a revenge-mad brute who never questions his master (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)1631786265 105 One Piece 10 anime characters who could become marines.webp

After being beheaded by a deception of an enemy nation, Tarkus was resurrected to serve Dio Brando. Unlike his compatriot, he had an insatiable thirst for blood and could not be reasoned with during his fight with Jonathan Joestar and Baron Zeppeli.

Regardless of how “noble” Jonathan presented his cause, Tarkus’ only goal was to find a way out of his rage at having been cheated on in life. His status as a killing machine would make him a valuable asset if handled correctly, similar to Warlord Kuma.

2 Ludociel’s concept of blind justice imitates that of Akainu (the seven deadly sins)1631786265 708 One Piece 10 anime characters who could become marines.webp

Ludociel was the strongest member of the Four Archangels and a servant of the Supreme Deity. He was so obsessed with his mission that he ended up proposing the genocide of the entire demonic race, including Meliodas, a hero who had helped end a war that destroyed the planet.

Ludociel’s ideas about blind justice are very similar to Akainu’s. He is willing to do whatever it takes to advance the dogma of his organization and uses propaganda to exempt himself from atrocities. This would make him a perfect candidate for marine and possibly even admiral in the World Government.

1 Esdeath doesn’t care who he serves as long as his talent is recognized (Akame Ga Kill!)1631786265 942 One Piece 10 anime characters who could become marines.webp

Esdeath’s position as leader of the Jaegers suggests his talent and formidability in battle. It was willing and ready to crush rebellions, which means it would have little qualms about extinguishing the Revolutionary Army or the Straw Hat pirates.

Since the World Government has many powerful enemies like the Four Emperors, Esdeath would never find herself too bored to fret. As a result, she would remain a loyal vassal to the will of the Marines for the foreseeable future and could even be promoted to vice admiral later in her career.