One Piece: 10 anime characters Zoro would be friends with

Honorable, loyal, forceful, and occasionally hotheaded, Roronoa Zoro is undoubtedly a fan favorite ofOne Piece that has impressed viewers from day one. He introduced anime fans around the world to his unique and slightly bizarre Santoryu sword style in which he wields a third sword in his mouth, cementing his image in the minds of anyone who has laid eyes on his Santoryu battle stance.

These traits paint Zoro as a man steadfast in his convictions and devoted to those he calls friends. Zoro’s reticent nature prevents him from getting close to others, but there are characters who might convince him to accept their friendship.

10 Goku will encourage Zoro’s training (Dragon Ball Z)

The battle is what matters most to Goku from Dragon Ball ZSo he’s always looking for a good sparring partner and hates to see talent go to waste. Goku is also quite similar to Luffy in his absolute determination for the one goal he has chosen, a trait that is sure to earn Zoro’s respect. Goku is always glad to have a strong new training partner for his own personal growth, so it is inevitable that both Zoro and Goku will develop a healthy partnership based on getting stronger.

9 Kenshin’s ability will impress Zoro (Rurouni Kenshin)1628377313 672 One Piece 10 anime characters Zoro would be friends with.webp

Since swordsmanship is one of Zoro’s main interests, it is obvious that a renowned swordsman like Kenshin Himura, deRurouni Kenshin, get Zoro’s attention. Kenshin is also slightly older and more mature than Zoro, offering a calming counterpoint to Zoro’s occasional passions. Zoro is sure to notice Kenshin’s sword technique as well, and he may even ask you for advice or gain some skills with Kenshin’s sword. As long as Zoro doesn’t let Kenshin know that he can get a little bloodthirsty when enraged, this is a friendship that is sure to turn out positive.

8 Holo will follow the rhythm of Zoro’s drink (Spice & Wolf)1628377313 847 One Piece 10 anime characters Zoro would be friends with.webp

Zoro’s tolerance for alcohol is legendary, so he has something in common with Holo from Spice & Wolf, who can drink many pints of wine before losing control. Holo may find Zoro’s lack of humor boring at first, but being a skilled conversationalist, it’s only a matter of time before Holo starts taunting Zoro for fun. Zoro’s seriousness is definitely a counterpoint to Holo’s playful banter and might take offense, but Holo, Yoitsu’s wise wolf, is more than ready to calm an angry Zoro if he provokes it too much.

7 Hatsuharu’s seriousness will go well with Zoro (Fruits Basket)1628377313 376 One Piece 10 anime characters Zoro would be friends with.webp

Hatsuharu Sohma, deFruits Basket, is a serious and insightful character who tries to bring out the best in others. Hatsuharu is willing to accept someone for who they are and to give them the much needed compassion and understanding.

Serious man that he is, Zoro is likely to respect Hatsuharu’s quiet determination and find in him a good friend to support him. But if that doesn’t work, at least the two of you can bond over their terrible sense of direction for each other.

6 Mori Jin’s strength will challenge Zoro (The God of High School)1628377314 579 One Piece 10 anime characters Zoro would be friends with.webp

Zoro is a man who is on a never-ending crusade to hone his skills and increase his fighting prowess, which means Mori Jin of the God of High School, it will be a worthy sparring partner. Also, Mori’s personality is quite similar to Luffy’s, which means that Mori is the type of man that Zoro is used to handling. Mori also has an unwavering sense of honor and justice, traits Zoro shares. Fighting Mori’s Re-Taekwondo will be a unique challenge for Zoro and will help him grow as a fighter.

5 Mikasa’s sense of loyalty will agree with Zoro (Attack On Titan)1628377314 870 One Piece 10 anime characters Zoro would be friends with.webp

Like Zoro, Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan He possesses an impressive tenacity that is sure to catch Zoro’s attention. Mikasa is a character who gets the job done no matter the cost, even if it’s her own life. That determination is the type of material that Zoro is made of, and it is very likely that he will find a kindred spirit in it. As long as Mikasa is willing to let Zoro in, the two of them could become great friends.

4 Shichika’s prowess with the sword will intrigue Zoro (Katanagatari)1628377314 43 One Piece 10 anime characters Zoro would be friends with.webp

Shichika Yasuri, deKatanagatari, is a man who literally cannot wield a sword. Zoro will no doubt be fascinated by this unheard of swordsmanship and will probably want to pit his own skills against the swordless swordsman.

Shichika is a serious and skilled fighter who may not want to go into combat, but will certainly defend himself if Zoro attacks. After a good fight, these two swordsmen are likely to be impressed enough with each other to want to meet again.

3 Tanjiro’s sincere nature will hit Zoro’s (Demon Slayer) weak point1628377314 595 One Piece 10 anime characters Zoro would be friends with.webp

Zoro’s beliefs about honor and loyalty are at home with Tanjiro Kamado, deDemon Slayer, who is an exemplary son. Tanjiro is also slightly younger than Zoro, and with Zoro’s weakness for children, he may want to take Tanjiro under his wing. And Tanjiro, of course, would be delighted to have a strong older brother figure to guide him. After all, Tanjiro was expected to guide his little brothers, so having an older brother will be a unique and welcoming experience.

2 Jet’s maturity will temper Zoro’s recklessness (Cowboy Bebop)1628377314 404 One Piece 10 anime characters Zoro would be friends with.webp

As 36-year-old retired cop, Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop he has a lot more experience in life than Zoro. Zoro has also been through a rough life, but he is still young and brash compared to Jet’s calm nature. The dynamic between Zoro and Jet resembles Jet’s relationship with Spike, whom he views as a brother and best friend. Jet’s worldly wisdom and patience will be a reassuring presence for Zoro, who can indulge himself in stressful situations.

1 Satsuki’s determined pride will impress Zoro (Kill La Kill)1628377314 652 One Piece 10 anime characters Zoro would be friends with.webp

Although abrasive and domineering, Satsuki Kiryuin Kill la Kill possesses traits that Zoro would inevitably respect. She is pragmatic, direct and is not afraid to express her wishes and opinions. Satsuki’s strong beliefs and charisma are sure to pique Zoro’s interest, as long as she is respectful of him. One trait both Satsuki and Zoro share is the willingness to give up their pride for their goals despite being very proud themselves. This indicates that they are both fully committed to their causes.