One Piece: 10 characters who died in a flashback

TheDeath is a rare event in most of the story arcs ofOne Pieceas it often contrasts with the show’s upbeat and adventurous tone. It’s rare for someone to meet their end in the middle of an arc and even rarer if the person in question is a hero.

However, the notion of death has not been forced to completely disappear from history. Rather, it simply occurs in flashbacks and is used to justify a character’s actions in the present. By identifying examples of deaths from the past, we come to better understand and appreciate the underlying themes of the series and the motivations of its protagonists.

10 Otohime was killed by Hody Jones to stimulate hostilities between the fishmen and humans

Queen Otohime was once a leading advocate of peace between humans and fish-men. He worked tirelessly to gather petitions for a treaty that would guarantee the prosperity of both worlds.

Dominated by xenophobia and hatred since childhood, Hody Jones tried to end Otohime’s campaign before it spiraled out of control. To do this, she hired a human bounty hunter to assassinate her during a speech shortly after she returned from the care of the Heavenly Dragons.

9 Scarlett was killed by Diamante of the Donquixote family1628348408 631 One Piece 10 characters who died in a flashback.webp

Scarlett was Rebecca’s mother, Kyros’s wife, and King Riku’s daughter. During Doflamingo’s takeover of Dressrosa, she was assassinated by the well-known Diamante to quell possible threats in the future.

As Kyros was transformed into a toy soldier by Sugar’s devil fruit, Scarlett was unable to recognize him as he died in his arms. However, she presented him with a single request that he would promise to honor, asking her husband to take care of their daughter after her death.

8 Brook succumbed to a deadly disease, only to resurrect1628348409 984 One Piece 10 characters who died in a flashback.webp

Brook and his crew of pirates were once traveling musicians whose goal was solely to bring a smile to every child. However, after being attacked and contracting deadly diseases, the group was almost completely eliminated.

In the end, the contagious disease claimed the lives of all passengers, including Brook himself. Although his devil fruit allowed him a single resurrection, it took so long to find his body that he was a skeleton when he finally did. Despite this, he maintains an excessively jovial mood that contrasts with his difficult life.

7 Cindry died after a fatal onstage accident, but was revived by Dr. Hogback1628348409 685 One Piece 10 characters who died in a flashback.webp

In life, Cindry was a famous actress and performer who caught the attention of Dr. Hogback. He sought her devotion and even made a creepy altar in her honor.

After an unfortunate stage “accident”, Cindry died at a young age. When Hogback picked up her corpse, Gecko Moria offered to revive her in exchange for his services on Thriller Bark. Together, the two would form an unstoppable army of the undead, with the mad scientist’s new slave working as his most trusted henchman.

6 Jaguar D. Saul gave his life for Robin1628348409 147 One Piece 10 characters who died in a flashback.webp

During the destruction of Ohara, Robin’s chances of survival seemed slim. In the end, Jaguar D. Saul, a giant and former Marine officer, managed to escort her out of the wrath of the Marines’ call.

Unfortunately, Aokiji caught up with them and immediately killed his former traitorous comrade. However, he took pity on Robin and allowed him to escape. Saul may have died, but his lesson to never stop smiling would remain with Robin for the rest of his life.

5 Porchemy was killed by Bluejam for his failure1628348409 515 One Piece 10 characters who died in a flashback.webp

Porchemy was a minor pirate who was ordered to trap and interrogate Luffy in order to get his friends’ treasure. Despite being an inveterate criminal, Luffy and his two brothers managed to subdue him before escaping.

Bluejam was outraged by his subordinate’s complete failure, especially considering that he was outmatched by a trio of children. When he discovered Porchemy’s level of ineptitude, he personally went to his hiding place and shot him dead. Given Porchemy’s utter failure to accomplish anything, it makes sense that she has one of the lowest rewards in the entire series.

4 Banchina died of a serious illness1628348409 83 One Piece 10 characters who died in a flashback.webp

Banchina was Usopp’s mother and Yassop’s wife. Following his abandonment, she fell seriously ill and was on the verge of death. To cheer him up, Usopp used to invent his father’s return, claiming that he saw his ship just on the horizon.

This gesture was endearing, although ultimately it would not be enough. In the end, he lost the battle against his illness and died peacefully in bed. Usopp’s heart was broken by her passing and he mourned her greatly.

3 Bell-Mere died facing Arlong1628348409 209 One Piece 10 characters who died in a flashback.webp

When the Arlong pirates arrived to terrorize the East Blue, most cowered before him. Fishmen were ten times more powerful than traditional humans, so submitting was a rational act of self-preservation. They were especially intimidating because of how badly they treated Genzo.

However, Bell-Mere did not allow himself to be overwhelmed and set an example for others by facing Arlong. Unfortunately, she was executed for her heroism, and her death greatly traumatized Nami. After thwarting the pirates, Bell-Mere’s tomb was honored and his legacy was remembered.

2 Kuina died in a tragic accident1628348410 805 One Piece 10 characters who died in a flashback.webp

Kuina was a rival swordswoman with whom Zoro competed for his master’s attention. Despite how much he trained, Koushirou preferred Zoro, as he considered him to have greater potential for combat.

After Kuina died from falling down the stairs and breaking his neck, Zoro was completely shattered. His memory haunted him and infuriated him that he never had a chance to prove his sensei wrong. Given how similar he is in appearance and personality to Tashigi, Zoro is often visibly uncomfortable when in her presence. He does not like to be reminded of what he has lost and is secretly curious about the origins of women.

1 Goal D. Roger’s death launched the pirate era1628348410 348 One Piece 10 characters who died in a flashback.webp

Gol D. Roger was the original king of pirates and the man who gathered the treasure that would become the One Piece. After falling seriously ill, he was captured by the Marines and put on a gallows for public execution.

Given the smile he kept in his last moments, Roger was not afraid of death. With his dying breath, he informed the world that his treasure was his and that the first person to find it would be crowned his successor as king of the pirates.