One Piece: 10 Characters Who Don’t Deserve Hate

Fans hate some One Piece characters for various reasons, including their personalities, the actions (or inaction) they did when they were first introduced, or a combination of both.

However, some fans excessively hate these characters regardless of their later development. From Nami, who is hated for her short temper even though she softens later, to Alvida, who is the first enemy defeated and then consumes a Devil Fruit and rises through the ranks of power. Some characters have earned undeserved hatred for their initial appearances or for their apparent worthlessness, despite having proven otherwise.

10 Kaya was hated for not knowing that Kuro was a pirate the entire time

Some fans were outraged that Kaya first believed Kuro’s lies, especially when he rejected Usopp after he tried to warn him about the pirate Kuro. However, it is important to note that when Kuro tried to kill her, he had already posed as the kind butler Khladahore for three years and had already earned his trust by then.

Kaya would be less willing to trust Kuro and believe Usopp about Kuro’s identity if she hadn’t already been with Kuro for so long. He was quick to believe Usopp about Kuro after he revealed his true identity.

9 Nami is sometimes hated for her temper1640772049 96 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Hate.webp

Although Nami has little character at times, especially during the early story arcs, when she joined Luffy as one of the Straw Hats, she later softened as she related to him and the rest of the crew.

Her additional intelligence also made up for some of Luffy’s short-sightedness flaws, and her skills as a thief and an expert navigator were very helpful in navigating the seas and approaching new destinations. It also helped that Nami became a potential romantic interest for Luffy, although romance is not a major plot point.

8 Boa’s love for Luffy made some fans despise her1640772049 764 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Hate.webp

Boa Hancock was hated by some fans thanks to her initial sadism and cruelty towards Luffy and his companions. This got worse after he fell in love with Luffy romantically, mostly because fans preferred Luffy to finish off Nami rather than Boa.

However, others took to Boa after her tragic backstory was revealed, which explained her origins and her initial distrust of men. Since the reveal, fans at least understood where their previous views came from thanks to that backstory, even if they still didn’t like it too much.

7 Koby gets some hate for being extremely loud in his intro1640772049 988 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Hate.webp

Although Koby was one of the first characters introduced in One Piece, some of his detractors argued that he was too weak to be nice. However, Koby grew during his brief stint on the series, including confronting Alvida in the first episode with Luffy’s encouragement, joining the Marines and rising through the ranks to be a great collaborator and member.

Although his appearances are brief compared to other supporting characters, and some fans would prefer his character type to be in another anime, Koby grew up over time and learned to stand up for himself.

6 Usopp was hated for having normal strength1640772049 583 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Hate.webp

Although there are many characters with superpowers, Usopp is one of the few with the strength of a normal person. Usopp was well aware of this and used his wits and strategies to outmaneuver his opponents rather than relying on his power to win the battle. Despite this use of ingenuity, some fans still thought that he was the rarest compared to the rest of the Straw Hats and that he shouldn’t have joined them in the first place.

However, if it weren’t for Usopp’s cunning, Kaya would likely be killed by Kuro if he didn’t try to warn her and also defend the rest of Kuro’s Syrup Island and its pirate crew.

5 Kuina earned hatred for being initially mean to Zoro1640772050 674 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Hate.webp

Although Kuina barely appeared in the anime, since she had already died before current events thanks to a tragic accident, she was hated by some fans for being mean and condescending towards Zoro. However, during those same flashbacks it was revealed that Kuina could not become the best swordsman in the world or even inherit his family’s dojo despite his talent, as he was born female.

Furthermore, Kuina grew fond of Zoro over time and vowed to become the strongest swordsman in the world before his sudden death. His close bond with Zoro contributed to his initial development and motivation.

4 Sanji was hated for his flirtatious nature and for being one of the weakest straw hats1640772050 431 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Hate.webp

Sanji earned the hatred of viewers by constantly flirting with women and for being one of the weakest Straw Hats. However, after his family’s past was revealed, he won the sympathy of fans, considering how tragic he was, including the circumstances of his mother’s death.

Furthermore, he used his chivalric nature to avoid her death at the hands of Pudding by congratulating her on her third eye during her wedding ceremony at the Arch of Pastel Island. Although Sanji may be one of the weaker Straw Hats, his skills in battle and as a chef are more than proficient.

3 Marshall D. Teach’s reveal as Blackbeard had a mixed reception1640772050 933 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Hate.webp

While some fans were shocked and amazed that Marshall D. Teach was Blackbeard from the start, others were upset by this revelation and wished he was still good. However, despite the divided reception about the turn, Teach proved to be one of the most intimidating and powerful enemies Luffy and his crew faced.

His status as one of the Four Emperors and having the power of two Devil Fruits also helped fans understand that he was always evil, as well as the subsequent evil actions he committed along the way.

2 Alvida is teased for being initially defeated by Luffy, but later grew stronger1640772050 991 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Hate.webp

Although Alvida was easily defeated in her first appearance, she grew much stronger in her later appearances. Although this new strength is partly attributed to her eating a Devil Fruit, she also worked to become stronger and even ended up being the active captain of her alliance crew with Buggy.

Later, Alvida also became part of the organization known as “Buggy’s Delivery.” Although she was not as powerful as one of the Four Emperors, she continued to rise through the ranks to become a more respected and powerful pirate.

1 The Trafalgar D. Water Law had some detractors for being less active in battle compared to others1640772050 918 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Hate.webp

Although Trafalgar turned out to be one of the least useful pirates in the heat of battle, other fans argued that it made sense. This is because their abilities were better used for medical aid than for engaging in combat. Furthermore, if Trafalgar fell in combat while others needed help, they would not have the possibility of receiving medical assistance quickly.

Viewers were quick to sympathize with him after his tragic story was revealed, which included the loss of his family and home to disease and extermination.