One Piece: 10 Characters Who Don’t Deserve Their Popularity

OnePiece is arguably the most successful anime and manga series ever, and after two decades it’s still going strong. Monkey D. Luffy and his friends may be the center of One’s attention Piece, but fans have met more than 1,000 other characters, and the vast majority of them are pirates or people related to the World Government.

One Piece has done things that no other series has done, but like any other popular series, fans are encouraged to participate in various character popularity polls. It’s understandable that the main characters are the most popular, but polls also show that certain characters who don’t really deserve it are considered popular.

10 Sabo is basically a less interesting Ace

Most fans adore Ace because he is the cool older brother they wish they had, and it helps that he possesses a powerful Devil Fruit. Like Ace, Sabo is Luffy’s older brother. Until the Dressrosa arc, Luffy believed that Sabo was dead.

Sabo had lost his memories in an explosion, but they all reappeared when he learned of Ace’s death. He then swore to inherit Ace’s Flame Fruit. As a former World Noble who joined the Revolutionary Army, Sabo can be considered one of the most humble characters in the series. But in terms of attractiveness, he’s just a less interesting Ace.

9 The only interesting thing about Marco is his devil fruit1639906900 658 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Their Popularity.webp

Luffy has risked his life several times, but he was not the only character who was willing to die to save Ace at Marineford. Marco was the commander of the 1st division of the Whitebeard Pirates, and he ate a Zoan Mythical Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a fiery blue phoenix.

The fruit also gives you the ability to heal most wounds in a few seconds. Marco is a calm and level-headed character, but his Devil Fruit is the only interesting thing about him. It may help the Straw Hats in Wano, but other than that, its impact on One Piece it has been almost non-existent.

8 Eustass Kid is only popular for his looks1639906900 635 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Their Popularity.webp

Eustass Kid is part of the Worst Generation. After eating the magnet-magnet fruit, he acquired the ability to control the metal by creating magnetic forces. Kid is a notoriously ruthless and bloodthirsty pirate, but he’s also quite bold and fearless.

Fans like Kid for these attributes, and it helps that his quirky outfit pairs well with his red hair and mechanical arm. It even has a large scar that makes it look more threatening. His looks may translate to popularity, but he’s done nothing to really earn it, having lost almost every match he’s been in.

7 The same goes for murderers1639906900 778 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Their Popularity.webp

Killer is a member of Kid’s crew, and is also considered part of the Worst Generation. He is a fairly tall and muscular man with long blond hair, and his face is hidden by a full-face helmet. His weapons of choice are a pair of scythes that he can attach to the forearms on his forearms.

Killer is wiser than his captain. But, like Kid, fans like him mostly because of his looks. Fans were finally able to see Killer fight in Wano, where he proved to be a very capable swordsman, but after all, he is not that special.

6 Perona is now only relevant thanks to Mihawk1639906901 978 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Their Popularity.webp

One PieceIt has many intelligent female characters, and Perona is one of them. He made his debut during the arc of Thriller’s Bark , and Perona ate a devil fruit that allows her to produce ghosts. These ghosts can cause people to have very negative thoughts about themselves.

Perona was by far the most likeable member of Gecko Moriah’s crew, but the timeskip hasn’t been kind to her. She currently lives on Kuraigana Island with Dracule Mihawk, where he is her apparent love interest. If it weren’t for the best swordsman in the world, his role in One Piece it would have ended a long time ago.

5 Kuzan was the least shocking admiral1639906901 914 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Their Popularity.webp

Kuzan is the first Marine Admiral fans have met, and he ate a Lodge Devil Fruit that allows him to create, manipulate, and transform into ice. He allowed the Straw Hats to carry on when he first encountered them, and was present at Marineford.

He left the Marines during the timeskip, and now works with Blackbeard. Kuzan is popular because, unlike Kizaru and Akainu, he was a legitimately nice man who only got serious when the situation called for it. Unfortunately, his good person made him the least interesting character to hold the rank of admiral.

4 Reiju likes him despite being as bad or worse than his other siblings1639906901 236 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Their Popularity.webp

The bow of the island of the cake introduced fans to Sanji’s family, and many fans believe that his sister, Reiju, is one of the best characters to debut during this arc. Reiju is a kind and empathetic character, but hides his compassion to avoid the cruelty of his other siblings.

Fans like Reiju because she saved Luffy and because she helped Sanji escape when he was a kid, but that doesn’t make her a good person. She sat and allowed Sanji to be savagely beaten every day, and willingly followed her family’s mercenary lifestyle, which means that her actions hurt a lot of people.

3 Enel is an overrated villain1639906901 192 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Their Popularity.webp

Manyfrom the fightsde One Piece They were up to the task, but Luffy’s final battle against Enel wasn’t all that captivating. Enel was the God of Skypiea, and he ate a very powerful Devil Fruit that allows him to create, manipulate and transform into lightning.

There are fans who consider Enel one of the best villains of One Piece, and although he was a tyrant, his motivations make him unworthy of recognition. Enel’s great plan was to go to the moon, which he did, and has not been seen since. If it weren’t for his Devil Fruit and Haki, nothing from Enel would be even memorable.

2 Buggy is fun, but he’s still a weak wimp1639906901 305 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Their Popularity.webp

The Seven Warlords were effective, but some aspects of the group didn’t make much sense. The group was supposed to be made up of powerful pirates, but the final iteration featured Buggy the Clown. Buggy’s notoriety has continued to grow thanks to bad luck, and fans like him because they make him laugh.

Buggy may have a devil fruit, but he is extremely weak and a great coward despite being openly selfish and proud. It may be a nice comic relief, but Buggy doesn’t deserve to be more popular than Rob Lucci.

1 Monkey D. Dragon hasn’t really done anything since Loguetown1639906902 296 One Piece 10 Characters Who Dont Deserve Their Popularity.webp

There are only a handful of characters that Luffy will never be able to overcome, and his father is one of them. Monkey D. Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army, and his goal is to overthrow the World Government.

Dragon has appeared in One Piece only a handful of times, and his greatest achievement was when he saved Luffy from Smoker in Loguetown. This event happened more than two decades ago, but Dragon is still very popular, mainly because he is a mysterious figure.