One Piece: 10 episodes with game-changing reveals

One Piece is a series defined by its excellent world construction and attention to detail. Over hundreds of episodes, mysteries are created and uncovered, and enough detail is given about the characters and events so that all the pieces fit together satisfactorily when this occurs.

Big reveals and twists are the moments that tie the clues together and shed light on the mysteries of One Piece. They are also unexpected changes in the story that introduce new challenges or explain more about the true nature of certain characters.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

10 Kurozumi Kanjuro was the traitor (Episode 977)

Among the many who help the Straw Hats try to take down Kaido are the Nine of Akazaya. A group of legendary samurai who served as faithful servants of the late Kozuki Oden. These samurai were betrayed by one of their own when it was shown that Kaido knew of their impending attack in a battle that took place 20 years earlier. When it came time to storm Kaido’s island in the present, it was revealed that Kurozumi Kanjuro had been stabbing them in the back the entire time.

9 Vinsmoke Sanji was a prince (Episode 763)1638527646 412 One Piece 10 episodes with game changing reveals.webp

After receiving a shady deal from Capone “Gang” Bege to marry Big Mom’s daughter, Vinsmoke Sanji is left with no choice but to leave the Straw Hats without giving a thorough explanation. It is later revealed that Sanji is actually a “prince” of the Vinsmoke family, also known as Germa 66. This adds more story to what fans already knew about the character, while also making Sanji and his family look like. the center of the conflict against Big Mom.

8 Kaido traiciona a Kurozumi Orochi (Episodio 994)1638527646 711 One Piece 10 episodes with game changing reveals.webp

The raid on Onigashima was in full swing, but the scale of the attack was still relatively unknown to Kaido and the shogun Kurozumi Orochi. The vile shogun was preparing to publicly execute Kozuki Momonosuke in front of his party henchman and Kaido’s pirate crew.

However, Kaido disagreed with the methods used by the crude Orochi, and instead of letting him act as he pleased, he cut off his head and revealed a betrayal that could have dire consequences for the land of Wano.

7 Brook and the Rumble Pirates have a story (Episode 353)1638527646 467 One Piece 10 episodes with game changing reveals.webp

Brook’s intro was unusual, even by established standards of what characters in One Piece. The jolly skeleton was as scared of humans as they were of him, and seeing his tragic tale of the Rumble Pirates in the throes of illness added meaning to the Binks Sake song. However, the biggest bomb is discovered when it is discovered that Brook and his crew were the ones who initially encountered the great white whale, Laboon, long before Monkey D. Luffy and his team.

6 Donquixote Doflamingo is a celestial dragon (Episode 699)1638527646 676 One Piece 10 episodes with game changing reveals.webp

The celestial dragons are a group of characters who claim to have complete superiority over all others thanks to their lineage, dating back to the 20 kings who established the World Government. They buy slaves and treat others as if they are less than human, which is often worth the scorn of characters like Luffy. When Donquixote Doflamingo is revealed to be a celestial dragon, he redefines the idea of ​​what a celestial dragon can or should be, and the backstory he draws on provides insight into his party.

5 Portgas D. Ace’s True Identity Revealed (Episode 459)1638527647 266 One Piece 10 episodes with game changing reveals.webp

Viewers ofOne Piece They knew that Ace was Luffy’s brother, and he quickly became one of the series’ fan-favorite characters. As the series broadened their childhood, it became apparent that they were more foster siblings than bloodlines, but, even more surprising, Ace had a much higher lineage.

When it came time to execute Ace at Marineford, Navy Admiral Sengoku revealed that Portgas D. Ace was, in fact, Gol D. Roger’s real son.

4 Goal. D Roger has turned himself in (Episode 969)1638527647 230 One Piece 10 episodes with game changing reveals.webp

Most of the fans of One Piece They had assumed that the legendary Gold D. Roger had been captured by the Marines after an exciting life of maritime adventure, but it turned out that he was not. Roger was living on borrowed time thanks to a fatal disease, so after finding the famous One Piece, he decided to disband his crew and turn himself in. It was an unexpected expansion of the pirate’s known story, and it proved that fans had much more to learn.

3 Big Mom Ate Her Family (Episode 837)1638527647 8 One Piece 10 episodes with game changing reveals.webp

Big Mom is a fearsome emperor of the sea and a woman who has a family too big for any normal person. Its story is equally fascinating. He revered his own foster mother, Carmel, and lived happily as part of a pseudo-orphanage filled with other children who had been isolated by their own circumstances. However, Charlotte Linlin was also part giant, and when her instincts took hold of her, she ended up cannibalizing all her companions and her mother. To this day, she does not remember this.

2 Pirates of the Rocks Reveal (Episode 958)1638527647 600 One Piece 10 episodes with game changing reveals.webp

During a meeting at the Navy headquarters, officers are briefed on the rewards of certain influential pirates both past and present. It is during this meeting that Sengoku explains the existence of the Rocks pirates. A crew that tried to take over the world and that had three of the current emperors of the sea among its members.

The legendary crew even faced Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger in a mysterious battle that wiped the island of God Valley off the map.

1 The Age of Void is introduced (Episode 276)1638527647 62 One Piece 10 episodes with game changing reveals.webp

Young Nico Robin only wanted a few things in life, including becoming an archaeologist. However, that dream was put on hold when the Marines attacked his home island, Ohara. They killed their scholars and destroyed the Tree of Knowledge to prevent them from learning about the “century of emptiness.” The Century of the Void is a period of time of which there is no information thanks to the massive cover-up by the World Government, and its actions in Ohara were a terrifying display of how deep that den could be.