One Piece: 10 fights that fell short

One Piece is an incredible story written by Eiichiro Oda that focuses on the journey of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who sets sail to become the Pirate King. In an age when pirates rule the sea and Marines try to curb their influence, large-scale battles are not so rare.

In fact, One Piece has some of the most incredible fights between pirates and other organizations. The fast-paced action, coupled with Eiichiro Oda’s ability to write an incredibly intense story, makes for some fights for One Piece are above the rest.

10 Jinbe’s fight against Who’s Who was his first as a straw hat

Jinbe fought the Who’s Who of the Beast Pirates in the Onigashima section of the Wano Country arc. Using his superiority in Fishman Karate and an incredible display of Haki, Jinbe was able to defend himself against the attacks that Who threw at him and, at the same time, defeat him with one of his strongest techniques, known as Onigawara Seiken. The match was quite important, as it was Jinbe’s first as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

9 Robin vs. Black Maria was one of the most anticipated fights1637574708 25 One Piece 10 fights that fell short.webp

Nico Robin fought Yama in the Skypiea arc of One Piece and since then he had not received a suitable individual match. When fans were complaining about the lack of fighting for the character, Oda finally got it in the Wano Country arc, when Robin defeated a 480 million berry Tobi Roppo in Black Maria, proving just how powerful she is. . Robin’s Hana Hana no Mi was seen in all its glory, and even showed a great mastery of Fishman Karate, in addition to using the principles of Ryusoken.

8 Blackbeard vs. Ace damaged an entire island1637574708 106 One Piece 10 fights that fell short.webp

Ace’s great hunt for Blackbeard ended when he finally caught up with him on Banaro Island on the Grand Line. There, the two fought an extremely intense battle that gave fans a proper insight into what Blackbeard was capable of, while also demonstrating Ace’s powers to the fullest. Despite trying his best, Ace fell short in defeating Blackbeard and ended up losing the battle, leading to his capture and one of the world’s greatest wars. One Piece.

7 The Nine of Akazaya Vs. Kaido had tremendous weight1637574708 58 One Piece 10 fights that fell short.webp

The Akazaya Nine engaged Kaido in an incredible rooftop battle of Onigashima in the Wano Country arc of One Piece. After having waited 20 years, the Nine of Akazaya carried the weight of Oden’s death in the depths of their hearts and ended up unleashing everything against the Yonko, even managing to make him bleed in the fight.

Fans were also able to see a demonstration of what Kaido was really capable of, as he won the battle quite easily in the end, despite the brilliant efforts of the samurai.

6 Luffy vs. Usopp was a heartbreaking duel1637574708 633 One Piece 10 fights that fell short.webp

The Water 7 arc of One Piece saw the Straw Hat Pirates face their most difficult moments, as not only did Nico Robin disappear, but Usopp also faced Luffy. Refusing to let Merry die, Usopp challenged Luffy to take control of the ship. The duel broke the hearts of every single member of the Straw Hat Pirates and crushed fans as well, as Usopp had traveled with them since the days of East Blue. Although Usopp tried his best to defeat Luffy, the Straw Hat captain was simply too powerful for him. With a heavy heart, Luffy dealt the final blow and left him the Merry.

5 Zoro against Mr. 1 tested the swordsman to the limit1637574708 716 One Piece 10 fights that fell short.webp

Roronoa Zoro stars in some of the best sword fighting in One Piece, and his showdown against Daz Bones, Mr. 1 of the Baroque Works, was undoubtedly the best in history so far. Zoro was clearly inferior to Daz Bones from the beginning, but as the fight progressed, he adapted to his powers and ended up learning to cut steel, which is what helped him defeat his opponent. This also earned him a reward of 60 million berries and made him a force to be reckoned with.

4 Sanji warms up in the fight against Jabra1637574708 399 One Piece 10 fights that fell short.webp

Sanji’s fight against Jabra was one of the fiercest in history, allowing fans to see what the Straw Hat Pirates’ cook was capable of.

To overcome Jabra’s Rokushiki powers, Sanji developed a technique known as Diable Jambe, which raised the temperature of his leg and allowed him to pierce through Jabra’s tough armor. With just two kicks, Sanji was able to defeat Jabra and come out with what could have been the possible key to Robin’s handcuffs.

3 Luffy exceeded all limits to beat Lucci1637574709 217 One Piece 10 fights that fell short.webp

Luffy vs. Lucci, one of Luffy’s best matches in One Piece, is a show from start to finish. From amazing new power-ups, to a villain that surpasses everyone else Luffy has faced up to that point, this fight has it all. To defeat Lucci, Luffy had to use every last ounce of power in his body, and even so, had it not been for Usopp, Luffy probably would have lost this match.

2 Luffy improved while fighting Katakuri1637574709 694 One Piece 10 fights that fell short.webp

Luffy’s fight against Katakuri was his greatest test in the New World at the time. The training he had undergone during the two years of time travel was not enough for him to defeat Katakuri. The man with over a billion berries turned out to be quite troublesome for Luffy and forced him to grow larger as the fight continued. Eventually, Luffy mastered the Future Sight Observation Haki and used it in conjunction with Snakeman to crush Katakuri.

1 Luffy tested himself against Kaido’s strongest1637574709 813 One Piece 10 fights that fell short.webp

Luffy finally faced Kaido in the Wano Country arc after years of preparation that began in the Punk Hazard story arc. After losing to Kaido once in Kuri, Luffy trained incredibly to improve his Haki and have a shot at the Yonko. What’s more, Luffy also learned to infuse Conqueror’s Haki into his attacks. The battle has already lived up to being one of the greatest in One Piece, and there is much more to come.