One Piece: 10 harsh realities of being Monkey D. Luffy

The world of One Piece is home to dangerous pirates and supernatural powers obtained from eating Devil Fruits. It’s a harsh environment to live in, and Gol D. Roger’s statement about an almighty treasure known as One Piece made it even crazier. Monkey D. Luffy made that treasure the goal of his life, and since then he has not experienced true peace.

Rival pirates using their own Devil Fruit powers, monsters beyond his imagination, and the navy’s attempts to hunt down the last pirate crew have made Luffy’s life hazardous to the extreme. .. and not for the better. However, to find the One Piece and become the King of the Pirates, these are the obstacles that you must overcome.

10 Marines are always a threat

Pirates face many threats, such as rival crews, mercenary gangs, and most of all, the Marines. The Marines have a few key objectives, the main one being to hunt down illegal pirates at sea. With powerful fleet admirals like Kizaru and towering marines like Smoker, the team has a roster full of formidable opponents that Luffy shouldn’t be facing, especially after the damage they inflicted on him at Marineford.

9 Hunger is a constant problem1637921415 157 One Piece 10 harsh realities of being Monkey D Luffy.webp

It’s a common trope for shonen protagonists to have a comedic appetite, but in One Piece, Luffy’s could take the cake. His hunger has been the cause of his physical weakness on multiple occasions, and without Vinsmoke Sanji’s cooking to recharge his stamina, he might not have had the energy to defeat certain opponents. Beyond being a mere comic relief, One Piece he often lets Luffy keep the weight he gains by eating and temporarily incorporates it into the current story arc as well.

8 Luffy can’t swim again1637921415 934 One Piece 10 harsh realities of being Monkey D Luffy.webp

Devil Fruits can fundamentally change a person and grant them a number of unexpected powers that could turn them into a deadly combatant. The downside to gaining such power is that the user will lose the ability to swim for the rest of their life.

In a world dominated by sea pirates like the Straw Hats, it’s a crushing problem. As powerful as Luffy is, it would only take one shove into the ocean to drown him.

7 Luffy has experienced the loss of relatives firsthand1637921415 682 One Piece 10 harsh realities of being Monkey D Luffy.webp

Luffy is a young man with very few people that he can call family. The Straw Hat crew are, of course, family to Luffy, but, long before he met them, his childhood revolved around different characters, such as Portgas D. Ace, Sabo, and Monkey D. Garp. However, when Ace was sentenced to be executed at Marineford and Luffy did his best to save him, Luffy ultimately failed and ended up losing one of the only people he considered a true brother.

6 His own powers affect his life1637921415 282 One Piece 10 harsh realities of being Monkey D Luffy.webp

Using the abilities of the Gum Fruit, Luffy can stretch his limbs and devise creative attacks with which Mr. When he finally took his abilities to the next level, he created Gear Second. This shape speeds up your blood flow to provide your extremities with more oxygen and nutrients to increase speed and power. However, it comes at the cost of your own life energy and shortening your life.

5 Monkey D. Dragon was never there to be a father1637921415 463 One Piece 10 harsh realities of being Monkey D Luffy.webp

Luffy has very few people that he can call family. In part, this is because his father, Monkey D. Dragon, was never around to be the father figure he needed.

They have never had a conversation together, and Luffy was forced to grow up with the help of his grandfather, his pseudo-brothers, and the friendly pirates he grew used to during his youth.

4 The use of Emporio Ivankov’s hormonal formula shortened his life even more1637921416 760 One Piece 10 harsh realities of being Monkey D Luffy.webp

While trying to escape Impel Down, Luffy came face to face with Warden Magellan. The fearsome prison director had the ability to inflict deadly poison on his enemies, and Luffy was covered in it, the only cure was to receive hormonal treatment from Emporio Ivankov. This method reduces the life expectancy of the patient, and Luffy even asked for a second dose at the Battle of Marineford. If Luffy becomes the Pirate King, he won’t be able to reign for long.

3 His childhood was not easy1637921416 729 One Piece 10 harsh realities of being Monkey D Luffy.webp

Without his parents, Luffy was forced to grow up with an unusual group of people. He often explored dangerous environments with the help of his two pseudo brothers, Sabo and Ace. However, things only got worse from there. Sabo was removed from the trio, and Ace soon left to start his own pirate adventure. Once Luffy got used to being around Shanks and his Red Haired Pirates, he became involved in an incident with a Sea King and blamed himself for letting Shanks sacrifice an arm to save him.

2 Straw hats consider him an idiot1637921416 317 One Piece 10 harsh realities of being Monkey D Luffy.webp

Luffy has an unconventional intelligence that he shows with his solutions to help others. Most of the time, however, he doesn’t seem like a cool captain, and he’s often seen by his crew members as an idiot to be curbed.

They could make you see reason to stick with your task, or they could ignore your order if they think it was not a smart move. The Straw Hats have to take into account the random behavior of their captain when making their plans.

1 He has no clear plans after becoming the Pirate King1637921416 967 One Piece 10 harsh realities of being Monkey D Luffy.webp

Becoming the Pirate King is one of Luffy’s main goals, and it is at the center of his ambitions. But, once that goal is reached, without purpose, it’s easy to lose motivation or desire to make meaningful decisions, and it’s hard to say what someone with Luffy’s unique vision of life would do in such a situation. It could dissolve the Straw Hats or maybe retire. He could even hide the One Piece again and take on a role similar to Gol D. Roger in his last days.