One Piece: 10 harsh realities of eating human-human fruit

The Human-Human fruit, also known as Hito Hito no Mi, is a devilish Zoan-type fruit that was ingested by none other than Tony Chopper of the Straw Hat Pirates. With this fruit, Chopper gained the ability to transform into a human and a hybrid at will.

Although this devil fruit makes Chopper better, just like any other devil fruit for users of One PieceIt certainly isn’t among the best devil fruits out there, and the downsides are only made worse if a human eats the fruit. Hito Hito no Mi has several negative aspects that make it one of the worst devil fruits you can eat.

10 Does not grant powers if eaten by a human

The Milestone No Mi Milestone works quite well for Chopper because he’s a reindeer, but if a human were to eat this fruit, it would be a pretty useless power, given that it’s already what the fruit offers. According to Oda, Hito Hito no Mi do not change anything in the person who eats them, nor does they make him stronger. Since this is the strongest perk of the Devil Fruit Zoan class, eating the Milestone No-Mi Landmark is pretty pointless.

9 The No Mi Milestone could make a person wiser1638610038 828 One Piece 10 harsh realities of eating human human fruit.webp

Since the Milestone No Mi Landmark was useless when eaten by a human, they asked Oda what would happen to the human who ate it and jokingly replied that the person would end up gaining enlightenment and becoming wiser. It is interesting to note that Oda said this jokingly, so it is not certain whether this actually occurs or not. Even if it did, it is not a great power when compared to the rest of the devil fruits.

8 The No Mi Milestone would not have a hybrid form1638610038 194 One Piece 10 harsh realities of eating human human fruit.webp

All Zoan-type Devil Fruits offer a hybrid form to their users, which is also often the form that is used when it comes to close combat. However, if a human were to eat the Landmark No Mi, they wouldn’t even get a hybrid form because they are human to begin with. Essentially, the Milestone No Mi Milestone removes one of the biggest perks of having a Zoan-type Devil Fruit, which is a huge waste to the person eating it.

7 the fruit would not have a decent awakening1638610038 498 One Piece 10 harsh realities of eating human human fruit.webp

All Devil Fruits have a special level that is only unlocked when the user manages to exceed the limits of what his Devil Fruit offers him, called Awakening.

When they wake up, the Devil Fruits work very differently and start to affect things that they normally wouldn’t. Unfortunately, in the case of Hito Hito no Mi, Awakening would not do anything significant, as it would at best make the user wiser.

6 The user of this devil fruit loses their ability to swim1638610038 277 One Piece 10 harsh realities of eating human human fruit.webp

The Milestone Not My Milestone not only has its own disadvantages, but also those of all Devil Fruits. As with all other Devil Fruits, the Human-Human Fruit user loses their ability to swim. Gain no power and Losing the ability to swim is a very bad trade-off. In Chopper’s case it works, but it would not be advisable for any human to eat the fruit.

5 The Sea Prism Stone weakens the user of this Devil Fruit1638610039 738 One Piece 10 harsh realities of eating human human fruit.webp

The Sea Prism Stone is the weakness of all Devil Fruit users in One Piece. In essence, it emits the same wavelength as the sea itself, making it an important weapon against those with Devil Fruit powers. A simple touch of the sea prism stone weakens people. In the case of the user of the Hito Hito no Mi, this is equally true, and they will lose all their strength when touching this substance.

4 Chopper has to turn to a drug to get stronger1638610039 187 One Piece 10 harsh realities of eating human human fruit.webp

To take full advantage of the power of his Devil Fruit, Tony Chopper created a drug called Rumble Ball, which allows him to access several extra transformations and makes this Devil Fruit that much better.

Although this is great, it is not convenient because not everyone could develop a drug to get stronger. Also, it has some side effects and the increase in potency is only temporary, proving once again that it is not entirely helpful.

3 Monster Point paralyzes the user of this fruit1638610039 254 One Piece 10 harsh realities of eating human human fruit.webp

Thanks to the Rumble Ball, Chopper was able to access an incredibly powerful form of this devil fruit, known as Monster Point. Using this form, Chopper gains tremendous strength and is capable of defeating even strong people with relative ease. However, this shape also paralyzes the user afterwards, making it a double-edged sword. Also, it took Chopper years to master this form and he used to lose control of his senses whenever he accessed it before the timeskip.

2 Chopper becomes Baby Geezer after abusing his monster tip1638610039 758 One Piece 10 harsh realities of eating human human fruit.webp

Chopper was able to make the Milestone no Mi stronger with the help of Caesar Clown, and together, the two managed to increase the duration of the Milestone no Mi to 30 minutes, which was a significant increase and enough time for Chopper to defeat. to most enemies. However, one of the worst side effects is that you turn into an old-fashioned baby after using it. If Tristan and Miyagi hadn’t been there to help him, Chopper would have run into a lot of trouble in Wano.

1 The fruit does not offer a truly human appearance to the mincer1638610039 268 One Piece 10 harsh realities of eating human human fruit.webp

Although the Hito Hito no Mi works very well for Chopper, since it makes him much stronger and gives him the qualities of a human in the body of a reindeer, it does not actually give him a human appearance. When Chopper ate this devil fruit, the humans hurt him and mistook him for a monster, which is one of the saddest realities of eating a devil fruit like Hito Hito no Mi.